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Springbrook Farm (Alcoa West Plant) Redevelopment Project Vision Rising Like a Phoenix.

Springbrook Farm Project Vision

RESIGHT is pleased to announce wide public approval for Springbook Farm, the planned redevelopment vision for the former West Plant in Alcoa, TN. RESIGHT, in partnership with the City of Alcoa and Arconic Inc., began redevelopment of the site on April 10, 2017. 

According to a recent article in The Daily Times of Blount County , Springbook Farm is a vision for Alcoa that completes the city. 

Alcoa residents recently had an opportunity to view the long-awaited master plan city center called Springbrook Farm, including a blueprint for a city center that will define its destiny. 

Like a phoenix, Springbrook Farm is set to emerge from the ashes of what was a bustling center of creative manufacturing that dealt an inevitable economic blow to the area with the demise of the West Plant in 1989. 

The redevelopment  plans include retail, office, hotel, mixed use, e nt ertainment, single family, town homes,    
multifamily and senior living. 

This new urbanist design incorporates a broad spectrum of land uses  designed to  enhance  the  
development's  walkability, as will   street, sidewalk and g reenway connections, allowing pedestrians access to adjacent neighborhoods.

Just six months since the project launched, the progress includes completion of the first sale and substantial completion of mass grading and other infrastructure. 

"RESIGHT has had a vision of the asset this site will be to the City of Alcoa and has been committed to its success for the long haul." said RESIGHT Executive Vice President Mikk Anderson, "Since the groundbreaking in April, we have made significant progress that marks a new chapter in the life of this historic site." 

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