Who's The Lucky Dog?
Our Lucky Leprechaun is peeking out from behind the Azaleas again, waiting for you to catch a glimpse of him. I enjoy visiting the little imp in the secret garden and I like to think that our friend might be responsible for my own good fortune.
Every day I'm lucky to meet visitors coming to tour the estate and dine in our restaurants. Sometimes I meet someone who loves to play fetch!
Whether you luckily stumble upon Houmas House by accident or carefully plan your visit, you will feel like you found the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

We are lucky to be able to share the 250 year history of Houmas House with so many visitors.
So, next time you visit don't forget to look for the leprechaun, take lots of photos and make your friends green with envy!
Much Love,

Princess Maggie
Bourbon Tasting and Dinner
March 10, 2020
6:30 - 9:00

Guests will enjoy a cocktail reception with passed hors d’oeuvres and bourbon tastings followed by a 4-course dinner with paired bourbons. Master distiller Eddie Russell will attend and present each bourbon. Each guest will receive a bottle of Russell’s Reserve 10 year signed by Eddie Russell $175.00 per person inclusive.

Secrets From the Kitchens of Houmas House
Beyond The Columns
It's no secret the architecture of this regal estate attracts many of our visitors. Instagram and Facebook are flooded with images of the white columns and grand veranda.
But this estate has a much deeper story to tell once you walk beyond the columns and into the mansion.

The Houmas House story began when French Explorers discovered the friendly Houmas Indian Tribe around 1774 and eventually traded the land for valuable goods like clothes, copper, weapons, and pots pans.
A succession of owners of French, Irish and English descent all came to America to explore the lower Mississippi River region and each one left their legacy on The Houmas Plantation. Through journal entries, letters, artwork, photographs and archives, we have pieced together the evolution of Houmas House. Sharing these stories with you and keeping our history alive has been the mission of this estate since the 1980's when it was the most visited destination on the Great River Road.

So when visiting this estate and plantations along The Great River Road, remember they are more than iconic images used in ads, and they are more than stately homes the wealthy built to boast their good fortune and they are more than a photo op to post on social media. These homes are time capsules. They are history lessons. They are reminders of how our region evolved over the last 200 years.

Go beyond the columns.

You've asked for this and now it's finally here- our gift shop is available online! Starting with a few of our most popular items, we will continue to add more products throughout the year. This is the perfect way to share your memories of Houmas House with friends and family. Orders are shipped in the US only.
Coffee Table Book- Houmas House- The Sugar Palace
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Houmas House Estate and Gardens
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