Spring 2016 FCFC Update
Thank You for Your Ongoing Support 
The FCFC team would like to share our gratitude for helping us strengthen families in the child welfare system. It would not be possible without champions like you! 
FCFC Goes to Washington 
Barry Chaffkin, CEO of FCFC, presented at the Child Welfare League of America's National Advocacy Summit on April 19, 2016. He shared the success and impact of Children's Corps with a room full of advocates and professionals dedicated to improving the nation's child welfare workforce. FCFC is hopeful that sharing the Children's Corps model with child welfare systems across the country will translate into more stable and permanent families for children.
Your Support In Action
Children's Corps members and alumni know how tough child welfare work is, yet still recognize the small victories in their daily work. In a recent blog, a 2015 Corps member shared about a grandmother she's working with, "She expressed that she knows my job can be hard and that she's grateful for what I am trying to do for her grandchildren." Corps members do so many things for the families they serve, and it's not everyday that they're recognized for it.  You can read the entire blog and other Corps members' blogs here.  Your belief in FCFC's mission contributes to each Corps member's effort to strengthen families. THANK YOU. 

New Partnerships to Help Strengthen Families 

We are proud to introduce our newest funding-partners in the NBA Player's Association Foundation and the Redlich Horwitz Foundation. Additionally, our longest funding partner, the Pinkerton Foundation, has generously matched the award given by the Redlich Horwitz Foundation. 

We would like to thank all of our amazing partners for your belief that  every child deserves a safe, loving and permanent home.  
Community Philanthropy
FCFC is partnering with Give Local NYC this year, with the hope that all communities get a little stronger through philanthropy. 

Whether you choose to Give to FCFC or another nonprofit, we honor your philanthropy and the communities you're passionate about supporting. Please encourage your family and friends to Give Local in May.