Dear Springs Community,
I hope that you are all well and taking care. I wanted to share a small update in preparation for next week before going into the long weekend.

On Monday and Tuesday, our YCC and Primary guides will continue remotely working together to create a schedule which will consist of developmentally appropriate activities and synchronous meetups with guides and classmates for connection, as well as resources/instructions for parents. To start, we will use Zoom to interact with students. Zoom is free and doesn't require an account to participate; you just click a link your guide will send. We plan to post daily schedules with links to activities and digital meet-ups. We will share these plans with you more fully by the end of the day on Tuesday.

These are definitely unprecedented times that NONE of us has ever dealt with. I read many articles these last few days that resonated, but I especially liked the MomentUs Institute's "Strategies for Parents to Survive and Thrive." I have modified these strategies for us below:
  1. Put your oxygen mask on first-- If you're okay, your kiddos will be okay.
  2. Routine is EVERYTHING-- Montessorians everywhere agree, ESPECIALLY in times of uncertainty.
  3. Give yourself, your children, and your guides grace.
We are all missing being with your precious little ones. Please give them a hug, and let them know we are looking forward to connecting with them next week.


Susie Demarest
Early Childhood Director

Please continue to monitor email and check our COVID-19 resources page for information.

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