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Renew for Spring with Energy Healing

The word Reiki translates to Universal life force. Reiki is used to draw awareness to our energetic self. During your treatment the therapist will focus on the 7 primary chakras/energy centers, hovering their hands just above the body activating the natural healing processes to give relaxation, reduce stress, restore physical and emotional well-being.

$10 off a 60 minute session
Zen Chakra Balancing

The chakras are seven energy centers located in our body which correlate to the aura. By channeling the bodies energies the therapist will balance your chakras allowing the body to work at optimal levels, clearing the mind and opening your intuition and heart. Unique Chakra Serums made from essential oils specified for each chakra. Feelings of relaxation, serenity and balance will encompass you.

$10 off this month only
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