Bid 4 Kids! Spring Décor Mini-Auction
Our Spring Décor Mini-Auction is a fun online silent auction featuring custom-made spring wreaths and centerpieces – just in time for Easter! 100% of proceeds benefit children served by The Baby Fold. Every bid gives kids in Foster Care, Adoption Support, and Special Education a brighter future. Your bid or donation helps a foster child find her forever home, gives the gift of speech to a boy with Autism, and connects families with community resources. CLICK HERE now to bless our kids.
Browse and bid on beautiful wreaths and décor before bidding ends this Thursday, April 1, at noon. Curbside pick-up is Thursday, April 1, from 12pm-6pm at 1500 Ft. Jesse Road, Suite A in Normal. Thank you for Springing into Action for Kids!
Four-Legged Therapist

Dr. Kelli Brown, Hammitt School Psychologist, is highly respected in her field, but she knows that sometimes even the best practices may fall short when dealing with the complex needs of Baby Fold kids. Cue therapy dog, Bubba. With a wag of the tail and a “smile” on his sweet doggie face, Bubba can often calm and support a child when words are not enough. Dr. Brown uses her expertise to know when her Golden Retriever, Bubba, is just what a child needs. It is well established that pets can enhance our well-being. Kelli skillfully uses Bubba to help kids calm, process, and experience the type of unconditional love that dogs can bring. Bubba has been so helpful that our Working Animals Group (WAG) is pleased to announce that we will be adding another furry friend to our staff. Stay tuned to meet Vinnie, our next therapy dog. Brittany Libernini, Hammitt Junior-Senior High Counselor, is currently working with a beautiful Black Labrador who is in special training to help our students self-regulate for optimal learning. 
What Would You Do?
As students prepare for future employment, our vocational education teachers and coaches focus on job skills and social skills. One creative way that our high school students are learning about how to respond to different situations in the workplace is by watching “What Would You Do?”. They observe scenarios that are set up by television producers and then talk about what they would do if confronted with a variety of issues. Integrating social skills and job skills is essential for any successful employee, and our Hammitt Junior-Senior High students are having fun practicing “what would you do?” in the safety of the classroom. Attention employers, our students are getting ready to work!
Hammitt Gets the Scoop!
One of our Hammitt Elementary students, “Greg”, is honing his skills as a reporter by interviewing Baby Fold board members. Greg had the pleasure of speaking with Cory Tello, who has served on our Board for nine years. As he prepared for the phone call, many questions came to mind. He asked about Mrs. Tello’s work in the community, her family, and why she liked Hammitt School and The Baby Fold. Greg reports, “Mrs. Tello was great to interview. She said she wishes, ‘Everyone in the world would be nicer to each other.’" Greg goes on, “Mrs. Tello has given a lot to this community and to The Baby Fold. I enjoyed getting to know her.” And one final inside scoop from Greg, “We both like cats!” 
To read the full interview and learn even more about why The Baby Fold appreciates Cory, click here.
Trauma Treatment
in a Time of Crisis

Dr. Rob Lusk, Clinical Director of The Baby Fold, has devoted his career to helping trauma survivors and their families through training and consultation. Dr. Lusk is lending his expertise and wisdom to The Illinois Association of Court Appointed Special Advocates. He will be providing an informational webinar on Trauma and Treatment During a Time of Crisis on April 21. The Baby Fold is strong because we have strong leaders who train our staff and the community to create healthy families, especially in times of stress.
He is Risen!
Thoughts from Rev. Lori
This simple butterfly, created by one of our Hammitt students, tells the story of change, growth, and hope. This child learned that the fuzzy caterpillar miraculously changes into a butterfly, but only after a time of transition in the dark space of the chrysalis. During that time, the caterpillar loses all resemblance to its former self, it literally turns into a gooey substance- no longer a caterpillar, but not yet a butterfly. The splendor of wings and the dream of flight is not yet visible, it remains but a promise. Maybe some of you have felt that these past several months have been a time of confined space, more questions than answers, and insecurity. But I believe that we have also been growing through these times of change. I know our children and families have grown. As we celebrate Easter and the Resurrection of our Lord, let us be reminded that He provides that same hope of transformation and gives us the love and courage we need to endure the transition. He is risen! Indeed!