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Wolf Haven Spring/Summer Schedule
Wolf Haven International offers guided sanctuary visits by reservation. We're now operating under our Spring and Summer schedule and are open four days a week (Friday through Monday) rather than weekends only, as during fall and winter.

As a sanctuary, our highest priority is the comfort, health and welfare of our resident wolves. During a 50-minute visit, guests have the potential to see up to 10 sanctuary residents in a beautiful, natural and serene atmosphere. Due to its length and informative nature, a visit may not be suitable for children ages six and under.  Elementary school-age sanctuary visits are also offered during summer months.

Schedule your visit online or call   360.264.4695 x220 .   And while you are here, be sure to take a walk on our Mima Mound prairie trail and see the wildflowers in bloom !
Radio collared wolf
released on Isle Royale.
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Wolf Tracks magazine is written by Wolf Haven staff and special guests and published quarterly .
Mother's Day, Dads and Grads
Running out of meaningful gift ideas? Give something that helps wolves and shows that you care about both wolves and the human beings in your life. Wolf Haven Memberships and Adoptions are two ways that you can contribute toward the care of our sanctuary residents.

Membership begins at only $35, and includes our beautiful, staff-written magazine Wolf Tracks . Symbolic Adoptions start at $25 and the recipient will receive a wolf bio, photo and adoption certificate.