Longer days, warmer weather and melting snow means bear activity is ramping up quickly. Now is the time to get bear-prepared.

Wildlife officials warn that bears may be especially bold following the Caldor Fire. When hungry bears fled the flames last year, they came across evacuated, unprotected homes full of food and had their run of the place. Now that they’ve learned of the available buffet, it’s especially important for people to be wary and proactive, so we can keep Tahoe bears wild.
Read the Tahoe Bear Team’s alert in English or Spanish.
Earlier this year, Hank the Tank went viral after dozens of break-ins were blamed on the big fella. DNA evidence eventually exonerated him from a good portion of the accusations, but the fact remains: human-bear interactions endanger our furry neighbors.
SLT Bear Caught Breaking Into Crawl Space Photo by CDFW
SLT Bear Caught Breaking Into Crawl Space Photo by CDFW
A bear caught breaking into the crawl space of a home and the damage it caused. Photo: CDFW
To Keep Tahoe Blue we have to keep it wild. So, let’s keep Hank and his friends out of our homes and headlines. When you’re in bear country, please follow these guidelines for the animals’ sake.

  • Do not feed wildlife - yes, even bears.
  • Bears do not want to take selfies with you. Keep your distance.
  • Wait to put trash out until collection day to prevent a bear from rummaging for your food scraps.
  • If you have a bear box, please use it.
  • Don't leave trash, groceries, or animal feed in your car.
  • Feed pets inside.
  • Keep doors and windows secure from intrusions.
  • Scents can lure bears inside. Don't leave any scented products outside, even non-food items such as suntan lotion or candles.
  • When unoccupied, empty cabins of all food and scented products or keep them in a scent-free, bear-proof container.
  • Keep barbecues and garbage cans clean. Deodorize garbage cans with bleach or unscented ammonia.
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