Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.


Time to celebrate! Spring is finally here!

And what better way to celebrate than with a yard full of blooming Rhododendrons and Azaleas!

The bulk of our selection is NOW available.

Few landscape shrubs are as widely celebrated and anticipated in the spring garden as azaleas and rhododendrons. Their showy, exuberant displays of color excite the senses and have a way of taking center stage in just about any landscape.

So what’s so special about azaleas and rhododendrons? The answer is simple, they are the epitome of spring. Their form, habit, and amazing colors easily dominate the spring landscape.

Camellias are an asset to any shady outdoor setting.

Fun Fact: Camellia flowers are often seen as a symbol of love, adoration, and longing. Sounds like a great gift for a loved one, right?

Another Fun Fact: Camellias are deer resistant.

Camellias are beautiful, glossy, evergreen shrubs that are known for their exquisite flowers and long bloom time. They thrive in moist, acidic, organically rich and well-drained soils and prefer full or dappled shade. This is a plant you'll definitely want to protect from direct hot sun. The flowers emerge in red, pink or white and resemble the shape of a rose or peony. There is even a variety called Camellia sinensis that is grown for its young leaves, which are used to make green, oolong, white and black tea.

We have a proper selection of gorgeous camellias that are just starting to boast their showy flowers. Come see for yourself.

Left to right or top to bottom:

Bob Hope


Nuccio's Gem

Camellia sinensis or Tea camellia

Grow your OWN salad!

Growing your own salad greens will put a world of fresh ingredients at your fingertips. It is an easy way to save on grocery bills and enjoy months of homegrown organic produce.

Most salad greens are quick-growing and ready to harvest in just 4 to 6 weeks from seeding, and even faster from starts. The majority thrive in the cooler temperatures of spring and fall, however there are also plenty of heat-tolerant greens for summer harvesting.

Just for fun, try adding herbs and edible flowers to your salad. It will go from basic to breathtaking and impress all your family and guests!

If you are thinking of growing your own salad, now is the time to plant!

Here are a few items other than lettuce to jazz up your homegrown salad and all are available right here at Garland Nursery!



mustard greens


swiss chard










We have just the thing to accent your indoor or outdoor space and make it a real sanctuary...

Lightweight Fountains by Classic Home & Garden

These water features offer a timeless design and finish that will enhance any setting. With their universal appeal, these stunning fountains will become the center of attention wherever you place them. The sight and sound of cascading water will add relaxation and tranquility to your patio, garden, balcony, or home. They are equipped with an electric pump that recycles water and can be assembled in under 10 minutes!

  • Fiberglass reinforced concrete.
  • Weatherproof and UV protected.
  • Easy to assemble; no plumbing needed.
  • Pump included, electric powered. Line cord is 11.5 ft.
  • Fountain for indoor or outdoor use.

*We have a couple styles on-hand and are expecting more styles to come.

Dorset Sphere in Verdigris

Just so you are in the know...we have moved all the fruit trees to the west side of the nursery next to our shade trees and shrubs.

This just in...Greenman Stone Ltd. statuary!

Greenman Stone Ltd. is a collaboration of artisans that have a combined 80 years in the statuary, sculpting, mold-making, and casting business. All Greenman Stone products are hand-made and antiqued right here in Leavenworth, Washington.

Who is Green Man?

The Green Man is an ancient guardian of the forest. He’s depicted as a man with green skin and covered completely in foliage of various types. He’s an ever-present symbol of rebirth, rejuvenation, and the life and death cycle of nature. His job is to keep the woods wild—to preserve the sanctity of the forest (plants, trees, rivers and animals) that are threatened by our modern advancements.

In modern times Green Man represents our connection to nature and reminds us of just how precious our relationship is to it.

Below are the four styles we have available.

also from Greenman Stone Ltd...the cutest miniature statuary!

We have a treat heading your way...

Look for our 'flourish' magazine in your mailbox next week!

Mark this on your calendar!

Our Spring Open House - April 22nd & 23rd

Come help us celebrate 86 years!

This coming Saturday, March 25th, Treeheart will be hosting a Beginner Bonsai Class.

If you are interested, please pre-register by calling (541)753-6601.

We are so excited to bring in new artists to this year's event! Please email examples of your work to ALL of the emails below:

For more information on this event please call (541)753-6601 or email one of the 3 emails above.

Please note: You MUST be available for both days of the event (July 29th & 30th). All artists are required to provide their own equipment (tables, chairs, canopy, etc.) for a 10'x10' space.

*The deadline for new artist entries is March 31st.

Just a reminder, Little Sprouts will now be in-house this year.

We will no longer be doing the take-home kits.

It's officially SPRING everyone! How claw-some is that!


Open: Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm, Sun 10am - 5pm

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