May 2018
2018 Teacher of the Year Recognized
Becky Carney, the 2018 NH Agriculture in the Classroom Teacher of the Year, was recognized recently at the Granite State FFA Annual Convention. The Seabrook Elementary School computer technology teacher was congratulated by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Shawn Jasper. Becky received a CHS Scholarship to attend the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference this June.
Grow It, Try It, Like it!
Grow It, Try It, Like It! Nutrition Education Kit featuring MyPlate is a garden-themed nutrition education kit for child care center staff. The kit includes seven booklets featuring fruits and vegetables with fun activities through the imaginary garden at Tasty Acres Farm! It also has a CD-ROM with Supplemental Information and a DVD with Cool Puppy Pup's Picnic and Lunch Parties. Each set of lessons contains: hands-on activities, planting activities, and nutrition education activities that introduce MyPlate. Resources
Nutrients For Life Adds A Sustainability Barrel Activity
The Sustainability Barrel is a visual demonstrating the law of minimums of plant growth. Without each important element a plant needs to grow, there is a limitation for the plant to stay healthy and thrive. Whether an element is needed in a large amount or the smallest trace amount, a plant's health will not sustain with an element lacking. This classroom visual brings the necessary factors a plant needs to be healthy to live, by showing how all of the elements need to be balanced. Click here to learn more about how to make your own Sustainability Barrel.
Bee A Bee PreK-3rd
In this game, students will learn about pollination by acting out the work of honeybees. They will create bee costumes to wear as they “fly” out to find “pollen” and “nectar.” Then they will communicate with fellow “bees” through waggle dances and bring “pollen” and “nectar” back to their “hive.”

Students play a game in which they pretend to be honeybees and apple trees. In the process, they learn about plant pollination.

Making a place in your schoolyard specifically for native pollinators can help preserve struggling local populations. Students benefit from having a space for real-life observation and exploration, and can feel pride in their environmental stewardship.

Students will observe physical characteristics of flowers and explore principles of pollination.

2018 School to Farm Days
 Merrimack County     5/10/18
 Sullivan County       5/16/18
 Grafton/Coos Counties  5/24/18
 Rockingham/Strafford at UNH   6/5-7/18
 Belknap County       9/18/18

Alvirne Open Farm Day
May 19, 2018 in Hudson, NH

N ational Ag in the Classroom Conference
June 26-29 in Portland, ME


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