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A Bloomberg article on the biofuels industry shows clear bias against ethanol and facts. Read More

E15 summer sales are set to decline thanks to the RVP. When will the EPA ever act on extending the RVP waiver to E15? 
Higher Ethanol Blends Could Help Meet 2025 Fuel Efficiency Goals:  A new report says the 2025 fuel efficiency target may not be met. But higher ethanol blends could be the answer.  Read More

E15 Sales Reach New Record in May: Sales of E15 in Minnesota surpassed 600,000 gallons in May . Read More

EIA: 2016 Ethanol Consumption At 14.29 Billion : The agency's short-term energy outlook report indicates ethanol usage is set to grow in the coming months. Read More

Particulate Matter Pollution Affects Even Indoor Workers? : A new study shows that harmful particulate matter can affect indoor workers too. Read More
USDA Seeks Applications For Funding To Help Advanced Biofuels Biobased Products:  The USDA is looking at increasing advanced biofuel production by 159 million gallons through this initiative.  Read More   

U.S. Fuel Terminal Operator To Offer Higher Ethanol Blend: 
HWRT Oil Company will the first company to sell pre-blended E15. Read More

The Energy And Job Creation Program That Works For People And The Environment: 
The RFS creates jobs and reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.   Read More

40-Plus Groups Call On Congress To End Tax Breaks For Big Oil: 
Groups are asking Congress to repeal nearly $4 billion in subsidies to the oil industry.  
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Ethanol Claim A Dangerous Combination Of Misinformation, Power: Claims made by Maine's governor on ethanol are far-fetched.  Read More

How Biofuels Can Break Big Oil's Marketshare Monopoly: A new survey shows that voters support the RFS by a 3:1 margin. Read More 
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Does a fanatical fixation on an advanced biofuel fiction do anything to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions today? Based on the clear and convincing evidence provided by science, the answer is a resounding no. This particular work of fiction I am referring to is the malarkey contained in the 2016  Climate Solutions and Economic Opportunities report (CSEO Report 2016) by the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB), which was issued on July 21. 

The CSEO Report 2016 merely gave lip service to biofuels. If its vacuous and shallow analysis of the actual use of biofuels in Minnesota and the evolution toward advanced biofuels is meant to serve the Governor and his Cabinet, then it was a waste of paper.

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Al-Corn Clean Fuel will be celebrating its 20-year anniversary on Aug 2. In conjunction with its 20-year anniversary, Al-Corn Clean Fuel is sponsoring two great E85 promotions in Owatonna. Both promotions will be at Kwik Trip stations and E85 will be priced at just 85 cents a gallon! Read more  here

ABF Economics released a report in March that shows the ethanol industry contributed $2.13 billion to Minnesota's economy in 2015. In addition, it generated $7.37 billion in gross sales, $1.6 billion in household income and supported 18,116 jobs. Read more here                                                                          Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube