Squannacook Greenways buy-a-brick now available by mail or on-line
Squannacook Greenways buy-a-brick campaign now available by mail or on-line
Squannacook Greenways' buy-a-brick campaign is now available either by mailing a check or by an on-line site.  To buy a brick with a check, print this form and mail it and your check to the address on the form. To buy a brick on-line, click here to fill in the form on-line.

Click the brick above to order your brick via the mail and become part of the Squannacook River Rail Trail forever! The $150 donation is fully tax deductable.

Thank you to the more than 40 supporters who have already bought bricks! 
More trail walks and work days to come!
Stay tuned for coming announcements of trail walks and work days coming this fall.

Why do we need the Squannacook River Rail Trail?

There are many reasons, but one of the most important is to give the younger members of our community a safe alternative to biking on dangerous Route 119.

Don't forget this buy a brick sale ends Dec 31, 2016!
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