The newly installed fence behind Sterilite
Check out all the progress this winter along the Squannacook River Rail Trail!
Lots has happened along the Squannacook River Rail Trail this winter!  First, during December and into January, Bill King  and his team cleared the entire rail trail of trees.   Then in early March, Max13 Construction did a great job installing a fence behind Sterilite at a very reasonable price. This fence was installed at Sterilite's request based on their reasonable concern that people might try to access the rail trail through their shipping area. You can find Max13 at .
The whole rail trail has now been cleared.  Our thanks to Bill King and his team!

Come volunteer Saturday, May 2nd 9 am - 1 pm

Join us May 2nd to help spruce up the Squannacook River Rail Trail now that the trail has been cleared of trees.  If the situation still warrants, we will practice social distancing while working. Bring work gloves and bug spray.  Brush cutters, loppers, or a wheel barrow will also be useful if you have them.  If you have training and proper safety equipment, we could also use chain saws to work on stumps.  Meet at the parking lot behind Memorial Hall at 9 am, and from there we will break into groups.

Looking for a place to walk with the family that is social-distancing safe?  Try the rail trail!

The rail trail is a great place to walk with the kids!  It is a bit of an adventure until we have our volunteer clearing day May 2, but some kids think that makes it more fun!  You can park at Depot Street, behind Harbor Church, the fisherman's parking lot near Shepherds, or at Bertozzi. And stay safe everyone!

Check out the rail trail map
Bill King's team at work in Dec 2019.
What is the plan for the rest of the construction of this rail trail?
Squannacook Greenways has decided to take a staged approach to construction of this rail trail. This decision was driven by two factors: 1) our limited Nov - Mar window for construction equipment, 2) large increases in the cost of removing old ties and large decreases in the value of scrap steel. In 2019-2020 we cleared the entire corridor of trees. In addition, we installed a fence behind Sterilite to ensure users are not tempted to access the rail trail from their shipping area. We will then build 1/3 of the trail in each of the following three winters. In between, we will be applying for MassTrails and other grants to cover the additional costs not anticipated in our original capital campaign. Between the winter build periods, there will be volunteer days like the two very successful ones we held recently to make progress with hand tools - thanks again to everyone!  The next one is May 2, 2020.
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