Squannacook River Rail Trail public walk June 11th at 11 am
Squannacook River Rail Trail public walk June 11, 2016 at 11 am
On Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 11 am, Squannacook Greenways will be leading the first of a series of guided walks along the full length of the future 3.7 mile Squannacook River Rail Trail.  The one-way guided walk is free, and all ages are encouraged to attend.  Curious about this coming rail trail?  Ask the board members questions during the walk, and see where it runs for yourself!

An earlier walk of the rail trail with (left to right) Squannacook Greenways president Steve Meehan, Congresswoman Tsongas, and the Nashua River Watershed Association's Elizabeth Ainsley Campbell and Marion Stoddard. 

Meet at 11 am June 11th at the town parking lot on Jefts St
Meet at 11 am on Saturday June 11, 2016 at the town parking lot on Jefts St/Riverbank Terrace.

We will meet at 11 am on Saturday June 11th at the town parking lot in the middle of Jefts St and Riverbank Terrace (the parking lot by the trestle).  There car pools will be informally organized to drive everyone to the other end of the rail trail at the Bertozzi Wildlife Area just past Crosswinds Drive in Groton.  From there, we will walk the length of the rail trail back to Townsend center.  When we get back, those who left their cars in Townsend will drive the others back to their cars at Bertozzi.

If anyone in your group gets tired along the route, we will also have a volunteer available to pick up people at any of the road crossings along the way.
A map of the rail trail
Our one-way walk will start at the Groton end at the Bertozzi Wildlife Area, and end back in Townsend center.  

Want to support the Squannacook River Rail Trail?
The Squannacook River Rail Trail is being built by a non-profit, and our total construction budget of $150,000 includes  no town or state money  - grants and fundraising alone are being used to build this trail. Want to help move up the construction date? Click on the Buy a brick! button below, and for $150 you can help leave a legacy that generations of people who grow up and live in our two towns will thank you for - the Squannacook River Rail Trail!

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