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There has been a lot of buzz lately on company culture affecting talent retention. The issue has dramatically gained in prominence due to the market being highly candidate driven with job seekers enjoying many more employment options.  A number of companies struggle to properly define their own culture let alone accurately portray it to potential employees during the recruiting and hiring process.

This article supports the importance of establishing a strong cultural fit when hiring and provides tips and insight to assist in this process.  We hope you find it helpful and as always we appreciate any feedback.

Joe Woerner
Managing Director
Recruiting Solutions Team
Melissa Coleman,
Account Director,  Lighting Industry 

Bertina Brase,  bbb@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive,  Machinery & Equipment, and Industrial Automation Industries 
Katie Trippe, kpt@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive/ Operations Manager, Machinery & Equipment, Engineering Services and Plastics Manufacturing Industries

Iris Winkelbauer-Hoelzl, imw@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive, European companies doing business in the US

Silvia Gray,  spg@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive, Automotive Industry 

Joachim Woerner, jrw@qworksgroup.com
Managing Director

Cultural Compatibility: Recruiting and Hiring for Good Fit

The Q Works Group has a unique background in that we have four team members born and raised in Europe. Each has spent their career learning the importance of understanding and embracing cultural differences in the workplace. They have seen first-hand the pitfalls that can occur when companies hire people based on resume material alone, such as having the right degree, experience or technical skills, while overlooking the importance of cultural compatibility.

If a company says they have great employees, this speaks to much more than their ability to perform their assigned jobs based on technical skill alone. Typically there is a mutual respect and sense of "good fit" between the company and those employees. When someone says they love their job, this too encompasses much more than the actual functions of the work itself.  This usually includes an overall fondness for the company, as well as a feeling of their personal needs being met. Herein lies the notion of "company cultural fit."  While this is not a new concept, many companies are still struggling to find the best way to manage it when hiring new talent.
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