Positive changes ahead! Attend and have a voice!
Squash BC invites you to its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Planning Session being held on Saturday May 26, 2018 (11 am to 5 pm) at the University of Victoria (Cadboro Commons Building in the Arbutus / Queenswood Room).

Squash BC meetings are never behind closed doors. We continue to explore how Squash BC can provide more value to our members in all regions of British Columbia. We encourage the attendance and participation of all our stakeholders who want to grow and strengthen squash in British Columbia.

Squash BC tries to host the AGM in locations outside of the Lower Mainland every 3rd to 4th year. This year we are holding the meeting in Victoria and look forward to seeing many fresh faces.

Our Planning Session includes updates, presentations and discussion on:
  • Our new management team and change leadership model
  • Best practices in our BC regions (by zone)
  • Proposed unified ranking and membership system
  • Infrastructure programs (officiating and coaching)
  • Revenue generation
  • Marketing and communications
  • Other Squash BC programs and services
The AGM will be held at 12:00 pm and lunch will be provided for all in attendance. There is no charge to attend this meeting, but we ask you to register so we can assess the numbers and order enough lunch.

Intense Competition determines BC Provincial Champions
The BC Provincial Closed washeld at the beautiful Jericho Tennis Club (April 4-8). With over 100 entries in 11 event categories, there was a lot of action to watch on the hot squash courts. Many contests went the distance to determine our 2017/18 BC Champions.

Of the 153 matches played, 18% of them went to five games which amazed spectators, challenged the court control desk and exhausted players. Memorable, epic matches included semi-final Open matches with Gavin Maxwell versus Marco Toriz-Caddo and Andrea Toth versus Grace Thomas.

Meanwhile, in the Men's B players had to either face phenom Morven Liu who did all his own squash stunts to go to five in both his matches or Nathan "Lefty" Ozog, who in less than a year has taken his ranking points from 837 to 1268 with his "less-effective" arm.

And then there was the truly enjoyable 40+ Men's draw where the audience got a blast from the past watching Bentall Centre Athletic Club Head Pro, Andrew Lynn, play Hollyburn's Head Pro, Jeff Boag. In the end Richard Yendell to
ok the 40+ trophy to his newly renovated office at Jericho.
Congratulations to our 2017/18 BC Champions! Click  here to view.

[Gavin Maxwell vs Marco Toriz-Caddo]         

2018 Canadian Doubles Squash Championships
The 2018 Canadian Doubles Championships were an unqualified success with 198 teams coming from across Canada, the United States and Mexico competing in 15 events held at the Evergreen, Hollyburn and the Vancouver Racquets Clubs.

The Open level matches were showcased at Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club's beautiful new squash centre, in front of a packed and very enthusiastic gallery. The event was so well attended that many watched from the bar where matches were live-streamed.

The Women's Open saw Rachel Au and Jaime Laird win against Emma Parke and Karyn Trembley. Meanwhile, the Men's Open final was an all-pro event with locals Viktor Berg and Thomas Brinkman beating Dave Letourneau and Kelly Shannon in three closely fought and very exciting games. 

The Women's 55+ saw an all Vancouver final with Tessa Breukels and Ruth Castellino defeating Frances Frost and Cathy Covernton.

Vancouver Lawn was a perfect Tournament Host, 
creating a  fu n-filled schedule including a sponsor's reception on Thursday, wine / beer and appies on Friday, and dinner and dance on Saturday.
It was a great celebration and finale to the doubles season!

Click here to see a video of this great event!

Vancouver Squash League (VSL) Caps off the Season with Open and Division 1 Women Playoff Finals
The Jericho Tennis Club VSL teams 'squashed' their competition in the Div 1 Women and Open playoffs held earlier this week at the Jericho.

In the Division 1 Women playoffs a formidable (combined) Vancouver Lawn Tennis (VLT) / Arbutus Team faced off against Jericho's best. With three of Jericho's players (Grace Huang, Maria Min and Josephine Adams) honing their skills for the Junior Nationals, no one could predict what would happen as they competed against their higher-ranked opponents (Brook Parkin, Caitlin Hungerford and Julia Horsey).

The match score was 2 (Jericho) to 1 (VLT/ARB) when number one spot players, Tessa Breukels (VLT), fresh from her 55+ Women's Doubles Nationals win with Ruth Castellino, played Michelle Lindsay (Jericho) in the decider. Spectators were treated to classic play from both players. Eventually, Michelle's beautiful boasts secured Jericho the playoff win.

In the Open finals Jericho was pitted against a strong and youthful Sport Central (SPC) team. Four SPC players (Emilio Carillo, James Toth, Andrea Toth and Gabriel Yun), getting their last matches in before heading off to Junior Nationals, faced some top BC players -current #12 Richard Yendell, #15 Grant Bergman, #19 Sam Scivier and #21 Zachary Leman respectively. Jericho managed to win these matches 12 games to 3.

Spectators would never have guessed that Jericho had already secured the Open win, given the fierce and final match of the VSL season. BC current #8 Matt Reece (Jericho) versus BC #3 Marco Toriz-Caddo (SPC) battled ferociously at the number one spot. Challenging the ref from the get-go, in a hotly contested match that (of course) went to five, Marco just pulled it off.

Congratulations to Jericho and thanks to all VSL participants. It's been a great VSL season!

[L to R: Jericho > Matt Reece, Zach Leman, Grant Bergman, Richard Yendell, Sam Scivier, Carolyn Russell, Sport Central >Marco Toriz-Caddo, James Toth, Emilio Carillo, Andrea Toth.  In front of James is Gabriel Yun]

Back row (L to R): Caitlin Hungerford, Brook Parkin, Stacy Hall, Michelle Lindsay, Maria Min
Front row (L to R): Tessa Bruekels, Julia Horsey, Liana Schou, Carol Richards, Grace Huang, Max Hakh

3 Energy Recharging Tips to get more out of your Performance
Ever wondered why you feel drained and lethargic? Not only does this low energy state hinder performance, but it makes it  more likely for you to get injured. Here are 3 Energy Recharging Tips to get more out of your performance.

1.    Quality Sleep is the slowest and most important recharging strategy on this list. It  repairs muscle damage, is responsible for learning, and fighting diseases. Set your alarm so you wake up between 90-minute sleep cycles. See this website for more info.
2.    Good Food and Hydration are important.  What do you eat and  drink before, during and after competition matters. Your food and drink impact your energy. Giving your body what it needs is especially important since it provides you energy for hostile competition conditions. The right food and drink also helps to repair the body from the damage from these conditions.
3. Journaling is a quick and effective recharging and goal-setting tool.  Journaling for 10-15 minutes before bed can get your energy levels back up and clear your mind of the day's clutter and noise. Doing it in the morning can clarify your daily intentions and training goals.
These Mental Performance Tips have been contributed by Zoran Stojkovic, MSC in Sport & Exercise Psychology (Finland) and Founder of Kizo Performance. Grab your free 30-minute mental training consultation  now.


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