Volume 11 Number 1                                              August 28, 2020
General News
Talking With Mrs. Tompkins 
Welcome Back Students!

Today we conclude our first week of school. Our entire staff here at Delone Catholic has been humbled by the outpouring of support we received this week. The students, teachers and staff adapted beautifully to the new standards that have been enacted to keep our school community safe. We had great participation from families (99.5 percent!) completing screenings on their students. Your cooperation and communication is critical to our success. 

Today will be a Freedom Friday. Students have earned a free Dress Down Day, thanks to all of the families that screened their students each morning. Tomorrow will count towards next week's totals. Please refer to page 53 of the School Handbook for the Dress Down Day Dress Code Policy.

Please continue to perform the daily screenings so we can earn another Freedom Friday next week.

I would like to leave you with this short prayer that I found very inspiring. 

Have a lovely weekend, and May God Bless You,

Donna Tompkins
Interim Principal

As the Sun Rises
As the sun rises, may Your love rise in my heart. A love that dispels tiredness. A love that overcomes difficulty. A love that builds relationship. A love that inspires diligence. A love that delivers excellence. A love that develops trust. A love that produces praise. Lord, may I live in the light of Your love. 

Information From the Township of Conewago: Water Main
During the summer, we had a water main break in front of the school that resulted in all water being shut off for 48 hours. A representative from the water company has informed us that there is the potential for another break. If this was to occur, the company would turn off water to the school, and we would have to close for the day. School closings/delays are communicated though emails, phone calls and texts from our AP Notify system. If you are not receiving communications from AP Notify (and would like to) please email Mrs. Jennifer Hart with the proper contact information. We would also use local radio and TV stations to announce a closure.

In the event of a closure due to a water main break, we would utilize a Virtual Day for all students. Teachers would be in contact with their classes to advise them of what their virtual class will be. 

Back to School Forms
Please complete the Back to School Forms and return them to the Main Office by  Friday, Sept. 4.

English SAT Prep Course
This three-day course reviews the necessary skills assessed as important to the English portions of the Redesigned SAT including reading comprehension and writing. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with the SAT format through sample questions and practice. 

Participants are strongly encouraged to attend each session and do the homework that is suggested.

Dates: Sept. 21-23 
Times: 3-5 p.m. 
Location: Delone Catholic High School
Cost: $85 (later registration fee $100)
Deadline for Registration: Sept. 16

Please see this brochure for more information or to register for the course.

Mandatory Asbestos Notification

From the Alumni and Advancement Office
Alumni: Please Share Your News
You may have graduated or moved on from Delone Catholic High School, but we never stop caring about you or being interested in your life. Use this form to share news with your Delone Catholic family - or to brag about your classmates and friends.
From the Spiritual Life Office
Chaplain's Memo
You have all been in my prayers since our abrupt departure last semester, and I'm happy we can get back together again!

I want highlight a couple of items for you:

1. Everyone will attend mass in person once a month.  We are unable to have mass with the entire school at once, so we will have a mass every Thursday at which assigned classes will be able to attend.  Mass tomorrow, the first day of school, will be streamed live to Delone's Facebook page.  We will only require attendance on streaming this one time for those who are in school.  For those who are virtual learners, we will continue to stream live so you can follow along in prayer with your class.  A Facebook account is not required to view, just press 'skip' when it asks you to sign in or sign up.

2. The Chapel is open all day, and you are free to come any time.  Please follow cleaning procedures as in classrooms, also use the sign-in/out sheet in the back of the Chapel.  If you want to use any of the reading materials or holy water bottles in the chapel, take them with you, do not leave them behind in the chapel.  Once you touch an item, it's yours (Merry Christmas!). 

3. I am available in the back of the Chapel, in the sacristy, for confessions on Thursdays in the morning when the doors open till first period, during lunches (when I'm not at mass or at lunch), and after dismissal.  If you want to talk or go to confession at any time, you can shoot me an email, and we'll easily work something out.

4. The only thing significantly different from last year is that you will no longer have the opportunity to attend mass weekly.  The lunchtime mass is now only available to those who are assigned on that particular day.  You will still attend mass once per month.

If you have any questions or need anything from me, never hesitate to email me.

God bless you all, 
Fr. Morelli
SportsLeader Virtue of the Week
One pillar of the SportsLeader program is a weekly virtue that we incorporate into our athletic practices and throughout our school community. Every week, we will share them here to encourage the students to take the virtue into their homes as well!

Our virtue this week is VISION - The strength to plan and prepare with imagination, creativity and wisdom. Anything great that we want to achieve in life takes a vision. What is our VISION for this year? What do we want to achieve together?
From the Athletics Department
COVID-19 Release Acknowledgement for Fall Sports/Activities/Music
Please use the link below to access an electronic acknowledgment regarding COVID-19 and other communicable diseases while participating in extracurricular activities. Even if you already filled out an acknowledgment this summer for voluntary sessions,we will now need this new form filled out and on file for participation in a Fall Sport, Marching Band or a Club/Activity (i.e. Speech and Debate) per the Diocese of Harrisburg. If your child is participating in a Fall Sport, Marching Band or a Club/Activity, please complete this electronic form no later than Monday, Aug. 31.

Click Here to complete and electronically sign the release form.

MUM Sale to Benefit the Girls' Field Hockey Team

Third Annual Tommy Laudani Delone Dash 5K/3K Trail Run: CANCELLED
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Tommy Laudani Delone Dash has been CANCELLED for this year. Please look for future communications on when it is safe to reschedule this event. Thank you for your support.

From Partner Schools and Parishes
St. Teresa of Calcutta Golf Outing

From Our Community
The John Gastley Scholarship Foundation Golf Outing

Mission Statement
Delone Catholic High School educates and challenges students 
spiritually, academically, physically, socially and aesthetically, 
within the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. 
This challenge will inspire students to encounter Jesus Christ personally and 
to "Be Doers of the Word."