FPC Sr. High Mission Trippers,

Just 3 more sleeps until our trip! Enclosed in this email are last minute reminders and important info so please read everything below:

  • Departure Time for Sunday - If you need a COVID test on Sunday, please meet in the parking lot at 12:30pm. All others arrive at 1:00pm to depart shortly after.
  • Do I Need a COVID Test? - If you received your 2nd vaccine after June 6, you need a rapid test in the parking lot before we go. The tests will be administered by Aaron Brock and are self swab so don't freak out! Just sign up here if you haven't already done so: COVID Test Needed
  • FPC Youth Forms - If you received an email from me saying we need your youth form(s), please be sure to either send them to me before our trip or bring them with you on Sunday.
  • ***Additional Youth Form Needed for ALL*** - The church where we are staying (HVPC) has asked that we have a completed HVPC release form for every group member. Please complete and bring with you on Sunday.
  • Add to the Packing List - There is the possibility that we will be working with insulation. Please pack 1 long sleeve shirt and 1 long pair of pants to protect your arms and legs if we end up doing insulation work.
  • Sleeping - Don't forget to bring something to sleep on--otherwise you will be on the bare floor!
  • Trip Payments - If you have not already submitted your trip payment of $200, please do so ASAP.
  • Last Thing - I am heading down to Charleston tomorrow and will meet the group there on Sunday, so don't panic when you don't see me in the FPC parking lot on Sunday :)
  • Nope, This is the Last Thing - If you have signed up and committed to going on this trip, we look forward to seeing you Sunday barring a family or medical emergency. Just a friendly reminder that when youth pull out of a trip last minute for any other reason, it affects the whole group who thought you would be there and who want to share this experience with you.

We love you and look forward to a great week together serving others and working alongside one another!

K. Mull, Kendall & the Sr. High Leaders
First Presbyterian Church | Email | 322-6343| www.hickoryfpc.org