FPC Sr. Highs,

Happy Tuesday! We appreciate your patience as we plan and re-plan for our small groups. The weather for this coming weekend continues to look good so we are extremely optimistic that this WILL be the week for our small groups to begin!

Because so much time has gone by since you signed up for your group, as well as the fact that dates have changed, we ask that you RSVP below for your small group dates so that we will know if these dates/times work for the majority in each small group. To be clear--you are still in the same small group you were assigned, and for all 3 weeks--we just need a head count for each group on the various dates. Please RSVP ASAP and we look forward to seeing you Sunday!

K. Mull & the Sr. High Leaders
Sr. High Small Groups start (for real)THIS Sunday!

We recognize that it has been a HOT MINUTE since we asked you to sign up for your groups, and that our dates have all changed since. Therefore, please take a minute to RSVP for your group so that we know dates and times still work.
When? 2:15-4:15pm*
Where? The tennis courts at Hickory High.
What do we bring? Your racket, water, and a mask.**
Future dates (RSVP below)? This group will meet 2/21, 2/28, and 3/7.

*Note that we have extended the play time for this week!
**Masks will be worn at all times except when youth are actively playing tennis.
Group Participants: Evan Brooks, Ellie Hines, Griffin Lovern, Henry Nichols, Langley Parker, Ainsley Richardson, Ben Simmons, Caleb Stamper, Fletcher Tate, Lewis Tate, Baylor Texer, Virginia Young
Group Leaders: Alex King & Shawn Stamper
When? 1:00-3:00pm
Where? Meet in the FPC parking lot and we will caravan to this week's destination, Henry River Mill Village (must provide your own transporation).
What do we bring? A drink (if you want) and your mask.
Future dates (RSVP below)? This group will meet 2/21 (Henry River Mill Village), 2/28 (Rocky Face Trail), and 3/7 (Catawba Farms).
Group Participants: Maggie Brock, Sarah Brooks, Mackenzie Fairchild, Lilly Gargis, Claire Graham, Emma Pitts, Henry Pitts, Jack Ryan Richardson, Mary Lou Taylor, Mebane White, Deke Young
Group Leaders: Cynthia Honeycutt, Katherine Mull, Bob Smith
When do we meet? 2:00-3:00pm
Where? The FPC parking lot or Fellowship Hall, depending on weather. We'll meet rain or shine from this point forward.
What do we bring? A notebook, something to write with, a chair and your mask.
Future dates (RSVP below)? This group will meet 2/21, 2/28, and 3/7.
Group Participants: Sarah Atwood, Ben Boston, Olivia East, Wyatt Fisher, Caroline Gargis, Wilson Glaze, Mollie Monroe, Maggie Nichols, Tate Webber, Bennett Winfield
Group Leaders: Michael Webber, Deke Shepler, & Gaither Hambrick
Sr. High Sunday School
This Sunday @ 10am
FPC Parking Lot

Make plans to join us Sunday!

Bring your chair and your mask; breakfast provided.
First Presbyterian Church | Email | 322-6343| www.hickoryfpc.org