FPC Sr. Highs,

Last week I returned from maternity leave and have been meeting with allll the groups (staff, Youth Council, advisors, etc) to talk about how we move forward with youth ministry while COVID is still a concern. We are EXCITED about some of the plans we are putting into place, and will soon share an update with you--WE WILL HAVE YOUTH PROGRAMMING THIS SUMMER!

However, one of the difficult decisions I (along with FPC staff, the COVID task force, and the Youth Council) have had to make is about youth mission trips for this summer. While we waited as long as possible to make the call, there is just no way that in a few weeks we will be at the point where we can all safely travel, sleep, eat and serve together while social distancing. Therefore, youth mission trips for this summer are cancelled and we will be refunding your deposits. I grieve this decision along with you, but I also look forward to the other opportunities this creates for us to safely gather this summer in Hickory.

Please see below for other important updates and announcements. I'm happy to be "back in the saddle" and look forward to seeing you soon!

Much love,
K. Mull

Did you catch the youth service this past Sunday? Our seniors and music team did a great job! To watch it (or to watch it again), click below:
This past Sunday concluded the regular Sunday school schedule for the year. However, Sr. High Sunday school teachers are in conversation about possibly offering Sunday school units this summer given our unusual circumstances. We will keep you posted--stay tuned!
Remember when we packed all those bags of food at the Methodist Church earlier this year? Well, I received an update that the food shipped and it ended up being sent to Haiti to provide food assistance for hungry families.

Thank you for helping make that possible!

Montreat Conference Center has cancelled JUNE youth conferences. They will make a call on JULY conferences in the next few weeks. Therefore, our week at Montreat remains tentative based on the conference center’s decision for the July conferences.
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