As we start 2015 and approach our 5-Year Anniversary  as a company, I look back on how far we have come from the beginning stages of Srinergy to where we are today. We have had many success stories and lessons learned along the way, which has contributed to the growing and successful company we are today. We certainly have spread the message that solar works in Michigan, however, we still have lots to do. As you start the new year, I ask you to personally spread the message that solar works and is here to stay, whether it be to your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers. Each of us needs to make a commitment to be socially responsible and do our part in creating a cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment, not only for us, but for generations to come.  

Sunny Regards,

Prasad Gullapalli

1-800-Law-Firm Project Complete   

After almost one year of planning, city meetings, designing, permitting and installing, the 1-800-Law-Firm renewable energy project is finally complete and generating clean solar energy. The system was commissioned on October 31, 2014 and the building, with four, 1 kW vertical wind turbines looks great from the busy intersections of I-696 and the Lodge Freeways in Southfield. A big thank you goes out to all the hard working and dedicated members of the Srinergy team as well as all our partners including Andy Levin from Lean & Green Michigan, and the many other folks who helped us along the way. The official ribbon cutting was held at the building on December 3, where Southfield City officials joined the many stakeholders and supporters of the project, with over 125 people in attendance on a cold, yet sunny afternoon.

Rounding out an eventful week, Srinergy and the 1-800-Law-Firm project was also honored by the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA) as the 2014 Exemplary Project of the year during the GLREA annual meeting held in Chelsea on December 6. Prasad proudly accepted the award on behalf of Srinergy and is joined in the photo below with Andy Levin from Lean & Green Michigan and Todd O'Grady from GLREA.

Click here for the recent press release on the story. As part of the project, monitoring of the solar energy generation is available for public viewing. To see monitoring and energy generation thus far at the building, click here for the system dashboard.

Solar Smiles in Ann Arbor 

Srinergy recently completed a solar installation of a 19.04 kW roof mounted system at Ann Arbor Smiles, a dental practice located on Huron Parkway in Ann Arbor. One of four dentists in the practice, Dr. Christopher Marzonie, spearheaded the solar initiative in wanting to showcase their passion for generating clean energy via solar, while at the same time, offsetting their monthly electric bill by approximately 43%. As the first dental practice in Ann Arbor to Go Solar, Srinergy plans on working in conjunction with Ann Arbor Smiles in conducting solar education and outreach throughout the community and within the practice. Lots to smile about all around!

Thank You to all our Customers...Srinergy
Celebrates Anniversary

This year Srinergy's celebrates our 5-Year Anniversary! Hard to believe it's been five years since Prasad started the business by living by example and installing solar at his home. It has been an interesting five years of learning, outreach and education for Srinergy, gaining experience, expanding into new markets and growing consistently year over year, with 2014 being the best year on record. So much has changed in the solar space since Srinergy's inception in 2010, with the cost of solar down by almost 40%, technology advancements, system efficiencies and the continued spread and acceptance of solar in the Michigan residential and commercial markets. We plan on keeping the momentum going as we focus on sustained growth and expansion into global markets while continuing our mission of creating Socially Responsible Individuals in Michigan and beyond.

To commemorate our five years in business, we updated our logo to reflect the milestone anniversary. Stay tuned for more anniversary events to be held throughout the year.


Solar Fact
Orientation matters when it comes to solar installations.  South facing solar systems do substantially better and produce the most energy over the course of the year.  Additionally,   homes powered by solar energy, of course, reduce peak demand, with the average solar home consuming 54% less grid electricity overall compared to the average non-solar home.    

Solar Installs 
Srinergy has been busy over the last couple of months and through the end of 2014, installing commercial and residential solar projects in the following communities:
  • Southfield
  • Ann Arbor  
  • Dearborn 
  • Dexter
  • Gregory
  • St. Clair Shores
  • Bloomfield Hills
Srinergy Spotlight Install
of the Month  
For January's spotlight install, we head to St. Clair Shores to the home of George and Diane Verras. George is a very enthusiastic solar ambassador and was so excited when his solar installation was complete and he was generating his own solar energy.  Thanks to the online monitoring capability included with all Srinergy residential solar kits, George is able to monitor and see on a daily basis the solar energy generated by his system. Since the Verras' solar system was commissioned last October, it has generated a total of 408.47 kWh
System Details: 
*  5.04 kW Roof top System
*  18 x 280W SolarWorld
*  25-Year Lifetime

   -Planting  9.9 acres of forest
   -Avoiding the production of
    115 metric tons of CO2
   -Saving 866,616 gallons of
    water (vs. coal production)

Insights from George:

Why did you decide to go solar with Srinergy? My daughter works for a firm
that does urban planning
for areas in Detroit and throughout Michigan and recommended that I contact Srinergy along with several other vendors. After getting proposals I decided to go with your company. I was impressed with the installa-tion that you had done on
my home. 

What has been the feedback from your neighbors? It has been positive. One of my neighbors is considering installing a PV system.

Did you decide to go solar more for the energy savings, environmental impact and to be "green" or both? I would say both, with the emphasis on energy savings. Having a PV system is like turning a KWh into a unit of currency.   When you think about it, you are turning sunlight into currency. Sunlight will never go away.
What do you tell your friends or neighbors who are still on the fence about going solar? 
It's worth every penny. By the time I retire I will have an electric bill that will be about 1/2 of what it would be.