JULY 2014 

Summer is in full swing, as Srinergy hits the streets to promote solar throughout the residential and commercial communities we are installing and solarizing. Solar education and outreach is something that we are very passionate about and do on a day-to-day basis.  Help us spread the word whenever and wherever you can.

1-800-Law-Firm Construction to Begin 

After much anticipation, construction begins on July 30 on the rooftop solar component of the 1-800-Law-Firm Solar project. Srinergy is working with a number of construction partners on the project who will be installing the rooftop solar, wind turbines and electrical interconnection of those components. Construction should begin shortly thereafter on the solar carport structures which will include two electric vehicle charging stations.

Installation begins at The Pyramid Scheme
in Grand Rapids 

After the fun-filled and educational Solar Celebration event at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids on June 25, installation on the rooftop 19.44 kW Solar PV System is almost complete.   Setting a great example to all in the community, the project demonstrates to all patrons and the community that Michigan Solar Works for all types of businesses and markets in Michigan.  The project was funded through the commercial arm of Michigan Saves, where a smooth and easy loan process made it painless for the customer. 

Installation will also start in August at The Meanwhile Bar located on Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids, where a 5.88 kW system will be installed on the roof of the historical building.  Stay tuned for more details.

Are you interested in finding out if your business is suitable for solar?  Give us a call or go to our website, complete the interest form and we will give you a call!

Social Responsibility spreads to Urban Farming 

Earlier this month, Srinergy helped Food Field, an urban farming community located on four acres in Central Detroit, in growing and nurturing their solar output. As Phase I of the project, Srinergy assisted in the design and engineering of their off-grid system, by donating and adding an additional four new solar panels to their existing system. The upgraded system will help run the current CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program throughout the summer. Phase II of the project may involve increasing the solar energy capacity even more, as the farm continues to expand and grow their membership.

Spotlight Install of the Month   

This month we head west to Muskegon and to the home of Renae Hesselink. Renae
is the Vice President of Sustainability at Nichols in Norton Shores, is a LEED AP Professional and a great solar ambassador!  The project was very noteworthy in that it was the first residential solar project in Muskegon. Renae's installation was completed in May of this year. 

System Details:
  • 4.86 kW  Roof top System
  • 18 x 270W SolarWorld Panels
  • 25-Year Lifetime Energy Generation:
    154,175 kWh
Homeowner Insights:

Why did you decide to go solar with Srinergy?  I immediately got the feeling that Srinergy would walk me through the process patiently and be responsive and I was completely right on that. All my questions were answered in a very timely manner.
What has been the feedback from your neighbors? Curiosity mostly and trying to really understand that solar does work in Michigan. Most visitors have driven up and not even noticed the panels on my roof until I ask them did they see the solar panels on my roof.

Did you decide to go solar more for the energy savings, environmental impact and to be "green" or both?  I didn't really do this for the cost savings related to energy even though that was a slight consideration. I really wanted to do this for environmental reasons to prove that solar can work in Michigan and to demonstrate that the average home owner can afford it. I wanted to be a living example.  
What do you tell your friends or neighbors who are still on the fence about going solar? I tell them that solar works in Michigan; I show them the proof. The other thing I tell people is that it is affordable and you really are just redirecting the money that you are paying a utility company to financing the system through a loan if you need to go in that direction.  

Have you noticed a difference already on your monthly electric bill?  Yes, I just received my July statement and it was probably $100 less than it normally would be. 

To help promote Solar, Renae is hosting a Solar Social at her home to be held on Wednesday, July 30 at 5:30 pm.  Way to go Renae! 
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The S.R.I. in Srinergy
Every wonder what's behind our name? The "SRI" in Srinergy stands for Socially Responsible Individual. We are passionate about doing what is right and good, not just for the environment, but for all those who inhabit it.   It drives what we do and how we do it, each and every day. Srinergy invites you to join the "SRI" movement.

Solar Fact of the Month
The cost of a solar system over the last three years has gone down by over 30%!  With the variety of application options including roof mounted, ground mounted, solar carports and more,  there are many ways to incorporate solar energy generation into a residential or commercial landscape.  

Solar Social at Water Hill
On Monday, July 28, Srinergy co-hosted a Solar Social at the home of Tracey Easthope and John DeHoog.  Srinergy designed and installed the 4.05 kW Solar PV system at their home late last year. Located in the Water Hill neighborhood of Ann Arbor, a great crowd came out to join the fun and learn more about solar and see the system up close. Another example of how Srinergy and local solar ambassadors are promoting solar whenever possible. For more details Click here

We are still going strong and promoting residential solar through our MI Solar Works program, making residential solar easy to understand and install with our standardized 3 kW, 4 kW and 5 kW Solar Kits. Visit our website, provide us the details on your home and we'll see if solar works for you.

Where is Srinergy in July?
Managing rain and storms this month, Srinergy is busy working on solar projects in the following great Michigan communities:
  • Grand Rapids
  • Berkley  
  • Southfield 
  • Lake Orion
  • Clinton Township
  • Ann Arbor

Coming soon...Srinergy launches a new website 
Srinergy is refreshing our website, and giving it a new look and feel. The website will provide more information on solar, information on our residential and commercial solar kits, will highlight our "social responsible" projects and have a great gallery of pictures showcasing our residential and commercial installs.  Look for the new website to be up sometime in early August.

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