JUNE 2014 

Summer is finally here --  not only a great time to enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine and all that Michigan has to offer, but THE prime season for solar energy generation and installations here in Michigan.  So, get out there, enjoy the sunshine and tell your family, friends and neighbors about Solar whenever you have the opportunity.
1.800.Law.Firm Goes Solar

Srinergy begins construction in July on this showcase renewable energy project in Southfield. Working closely with Ari Kresch, CEO and Founder of 1-800-Law-Firm, as well as Andy Levin from Levin Energy Partners, this project is the first privately funded PACE project in the State of Michigan. Srinergy has worked closely with the City of Southfield for the past six months on the approval and permitting processes, and are excited to get underway with the first phase of construction. This milestone project includes the following: 
  • Total Solar & Wind Combined System Size: 150 KW 
  • Roof Mounted Solar & Solar Carport Structures 
  • Wind Turbines: 4 X 1 KW UGE eddyGT turbines 
  • Induction Lighting Upgrades in Parking Lot 
  • 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 
  • Rooftop Sun Room & Open Air Sun Patio 
Construction is anticipated to be completed by the end of the summer. Will keep you posted on the progress this summer.
We're Moving out West- West Michigan That Is 

Srinergy is excited to be expanding outside the Detroit Metro area and into other areas of the State including Grand Rapids and Muskegon.   Srinergy, along with local install crews, are working with the great folks at AES (Alliance for Environmental Sustainability) in Grand Rapids, in spreading residential and commercial solar throughout Western Michigan.

This month, Srinergy is "mixing it up" and helping two well established bars in Grand Rapids Go Solar -- The Meanwhile Bar and The Pyramid Scheme.  With systems sizes of 5.88 kW and 19.44 kW respectively, installation at the bars begin in July, showcasing and setting a great example of renewable energy generation in the community.  To celebrate the upcoming installation, Srinergy, along with the owners of The Pyramid Scheme, invited friends, neighbors and community leaders to the bar to celebrate solar and continue promote solar and the benefits of solar, both on the residential and commercial front.  The event took place on Wednesday, June 25 at the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids.
Spotlight Install of the Month   

We are proud to begin our Spotlight Series with the beautiful home of  Rich and Margaret Laney of Harrison Township.  The Laney solar installation was completed in April 2014 and they were so excited to start generating their own solar energy.

System Details
  • 4.86 kW  Roof top System
  • 18 x 270W SolarWorld Panels
  • 25-Year Lifetime Energy Generation: 154,175 kWh

Homeowner Insights:

How di
d you find out about the
MI Solar Works progr
I was originally turned on to this program from an interview I heard on WWJ NewsRadio while I was driving in the car. This was in October 2013. The interview talked about public/private cooperation on a program for residential solar that would be eligible for 30% tax credit.

Did you decide to go solar more for the energy savings, environmental impact and to be "green" or both?
We did it because we think it's a cool technology that can save us money as a long-term investment. We are not tree hugger's or environmentalist crusaders by any means.  It is a good example in my opinion of how mainstream this type of technology is, or will be in the near future.
Srinergy Sales Looking Bright.

Srinergy would like to welcome our new Sales Representative Randy Chabot.  Born and raised in Michigan, Randy comes to us after having worked for over a year in the California solar industry, bringing all that sales and installation expertise back here to Michigan.  If you are interested in information on solar for your home or business, give Randy a call today at 248-378-0725 or contact him via email at randy@srinergy.com.



The S.R.I. in Srinergy
Every wonder what's behind our name? The "SRI" in Srinergy stands for Socially Responsible Individual. We are passionate about doing what is right and good, not just for the environment, but for all those who inhabit it.   It drives what we do and how we do it, each and every day. Srinergy invites you to join the "SRI" movement.

Solar Fact of the Month
Michigan, on average, has 4.2 hours of sun per day.  Germany, which is the #1 solar energy generation country in the world, only has 3.8 average sun house per day.  Even more proof, that Michigan Solar Works!   

We are still going strong and promoting residential solar through our MI Solar Works program, making residential solar easy to understand and install with our standardized 3 kW, 4 kW and 5 kW Solar Kits.  Please visit our website, provide us the details on your home and we'll see if solar works for you.

Where is Srinergy in June?
After a long and nasty winter, summer is finally here! This month, we are working on installing residential solar systems in the following Michigan communities:
  • Muskegon 
  • Beaverton  
  • Ann Arbor  
  • Detroit
  • Wayne
  • Canton 

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