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Srinivasa Eravelli Memorial Fund to Support Cancer Research

VT Seva is raising funds to support Cancer research as it strongly believes in "Prevention is better than Cure." Here is a personal appeal from family of Srinivasa Eravelli

Srinivasa Eravelli was diagnosed with small cell carcinoma in June 2017, and he succumbed to it on September 26th, 2017. He was 48. This type of cancer usually manifests in the lungs. It is extremely rare for small cell carcinoma to occur outside of lung, that too among non-smokers. Where as most other cancers have a lead-time with various stages of development, small cell cancers have very short time span.   Currently there is hardly any research to understand what triggers - is it the food habits?, environment?, pollution?, something else? No one knows.  Most cancer research organizations are not focusing on this form of cancer because of its rare occurrence - fewer the incidents, lesser the awareness and therefore less research funding. But precisely because of its aggressive nature, there is an urgent need to understand the dynamics of this type of cancer. Therefore it is extremely important that we raise awareness, support research and find its triggers so that preventive actions can be taken even before its occurrence.  On the care giving side, during Srinivasa's treatment, the family came across a diverse group of other cancer patients that are in urgent need of help - monetary, care giving, support and other kinds. We as a society has not yet build enough support systems to deal with this very deadly disease which is becoming more prevalent by the day.

Srinivasa's wife, Harini who is VT Seva San Diego Branch Director, has been conducting many charity events for last few years trying to bring cancer awareness to local communities. With tremendous support from Srinivasa, Harini was conducting monthly fund raising walks, food delivery programs and other awareness programs and support mechanisms.  Their sons too have embraced these charity initiatives wholeheartedly.

In memory of Srinivasa, The Eravelli family has set up a cancer Research fund Srinivasa Eravelli Memorial Fund through VTSEVA with a goal to raise 250k. Now is the time that we should all support him and his ideology by pledging monetarily for the research of this rare cancer, which can knock on anyone's door. All the proceeds will go to Research institutions working on Small Cell Carcinoma. Please click here to support this much needed cause. 


All the donations are tax deductible (Tax Id: 80-0271287) and you can also apply for corporate matching. For further questions, please contact Shyla Rao: 662-312-9955 or Venkat Thudi: 847-749-5516.

We pray that Srinivasa will continue to be the beacon light. Thank you for your support.
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