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November 17, 2011

Srugim Season Two starts Thanksgiving Weekend!

Srugim Season 2

Don't eat too much turkey, or you might fall asleep and miss Srugim!

It's been a long and hard wait, but the second season of Srugim is finally here! We're told it had trouble getting through Customs, but we're pretty sure they just wanted to see what happened with Yifat and Amir. We know you do!

Well now is our chance to finally find out! Get a sneak peak of what's coming below:

Can't see the video? Click here!

This Week on TJC:

Every week we bring you the news of the Jewish World: featuring coverage of interesting events and interviews with important people in the Jewish Community. Watch the latest update here.

Next Week to TJC!

James Journey to Jerusalem

Ends 12/30. James, a African boy sent on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, learns what it means to be a true Israeli as he suffers through a long and hard journey to the Holy Land.

No. 4 Street Our Lady

Ends 12/30. This film tells the remarkable story of a Polish Catholic woman who rescued 16 of her Jewish neighbors during the Holocaust while cleverly passing herself off as a Nazi sympathizer. Her name was Francisca Halamajowa and a diary and her descendants tell her story.

Original Series

With The Editors 06

Editors of Jewish publications discuss the success and struggles of Netanyahu, Jewish responses to Occupy Wall Street, is Jewish support for Obama waivering, scandals in the Orthodox community, and more!

The Salon 14

Ends 12/23. Jewish women discuss: the Leiby Kletzky tragedy, the "submissive" wife running for president, sexy magazine covers, Hadassah's centennial year, and more! With Caroline Waxler, Deborah Kolben, and Marcie Natan. Hosted by Jane Eisner and Rachel Sklar.

Last Chance!

Comedy Special with Joel Chasnoff

Ends 12/16. Absolutely hilarious! Author and Comedian Joel Chasnoff performs his stand-up comedy routine focusing on Jewish culture and quirks. Laugh-out-loud funny, there is much enjoyment to come from the humor of Joel Chasnoff!

Jews of Color

Ends 12/16. The first show of its kind, Jews of Color shares the unique perspectives of Jews from African-American, Asian, Hispanic and other non-"white" backgrounds. Defying our collective assumptions about what it means to be a Jew, Jews of Color is not to be missed

New on TJC!

Who The Jew Are You?

Ends 12/23. When Alan Goldman’s son was born, he was not only faced with the decision of whether to circumcise him but also with the realization that Sacha was not actually Jewish. So begins a journey that asks, ‘What does it mean to be Jewish?’


Ends 12/23. Kippur is a gut-wrenching journey through beautiful landscapes ravaged by gunfire, exploding mines, fear and desolation. It begins on a day that begins with quiet city streets, but ends with death, destruction and devastation of both body and mind.

Displaced: Miracle at St. Ottilien

Ends 12/23. This engaging film tells the true story of two U.S. Army privates stationed in Germany at the close of WWII, who discover and expose the horrendous treatment of displaced Jews at St. Otillien, a camp run by the U.S. military.

Recently on TJC

Not in My Name

Ends 12/16. A critical yet balanced look at the movement of the political Jewish Left Wing community in North America and their position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Filmed over a period of 2 years in the U.S., Canada, Israel, and the West Bank, the film brings to light the conflict that many Jewish idealists must face within their Jewish community.


Ends 12/16. This is a story with no enemy, only an amorphous entity that drops bombs from the skies while terrified young soldiers must find a way to carry out their mission until their very last minutes on that mountaintop. As Liraz Liberti, the 22 year-old outpost commander, lays the explosives which would destroy the same structure that his friends had died defending, he witnesses the collapse of all he's been taught as an officer, and his soldier's mental and physical disintegration.

Trial in Prague

Ends 12/16. The riveting story of an infamous political trial that took place in Czechoslovakia at the height of the Cold War is told. What led these men (11 of the 14 were Jewish) to their passionate belief in Communism and why did they confess to crimes they did not commit?

My Unit

Ends 12/16. Tension of dangerous patrols, stakeouts and guard duties and the friendship, trust and camaraderie that can only be forged in the heat of shared conflict and danger. Filmmaker Oded Zur captures the life of his unit from 2002 all the way to the 2006 Lebanon War.

Jews of Memphis

Ends 12/09. This film taps into 150 years of Jewish history in the city of Memphis, bringing us the stories of the time since before the Civil War, when the vibrant Jewish community of Memphis has made profound contributions to the life of this important Mid-American City.


Ends 12/09. In contemporary Jerusalem, a small Jewish family leads an ordinary life until following a car accident when the father mysteriously disappears. They all deal with his absence and the difficulties of everyday life as best they can. While the adults take refuge in silence or traditions, the two children, Menachem and David, seek their own way to find their father.

A History of Israeli Cinema: Part 2

Ends 12/09. Filmmakers and scholars explore the development of Israel’s film culture from 1978 to the present, in the second half of this two part series. Learn about how Israeli cinema not only reflected the changing times, but how it helped to shape them.

Ending Soon!

35 Acres

Ends 12/02. Explore the most contentious piece of real estate on the face of the Earth. The Sharam El Sharif/Temple Mount is one of the most volatile areas in Jerusalem as it is both holy for the Jews and the Muslims. Many say that those who control it, control the entire land. This film investigates what's happening in those 35 Acres, by documenting Palestinians and Israelis whose entire lives revolve around the area.

The Chosen People

Ends 11/25. This film exposes the movement of Messianic Jews, which is among the most controversial movements in Judaism. Through intimate interviews with members of the movement including personal stories and testaments, The Chosen People reveals one of the fastest growing movements affecting the Jewish World.

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