The Epistle
July 29, 2020

Dear St. Aidan’s family,

That word is music to my ears today. I’ve been in an online training program for six days, learning more about the tools and processes of guiding this parish through the transition period. Great information, great camaraderie with clergy of many denominations, great expectations . . . but for my back and my joints, not so great! During our breaks in this intensive course, it feels soooo good to flip over to a Jazzercise program or in some other way s-t-r-e-t-c-h my body.

Although it feels good to stretch, there are often times that I resist making the effort. It would be easier to just move from my desk chair to my easy chair and chill for the short break time. However, I am never sorry after I took the time to stretch, whereas I’m often sorry when I haven’t.

St. Aidan’s is being called to stretch right now. In this time of transition, we will be using a whole new vocabulary words like appreciative inquiry, asset mapping, and systems theory may become part of our conversations. Some of you will be asked to serve in new ways, on a transition team, profile task force, or search committee. Everyone, we hope, will engage in reflecting on who St. Aidan’s has been and where God is calling this community to s-t-r-e-t-c-h in the future. As we take these steps, new relationships will be forged and ongoing relationships will be strengthened.

This is no “easy chair” work, and doing it in the midst of a pandemic makes it more challenging. But it will feel soooo good to get moving. You will hear more about the timetable and next steps in the weeks ahead. And when all is said and done, you and your next rector will be a stronger partnership because you have the courage, today, to s-t-r-e-t-c-h. 


The Rev. Dr. Rosemary Beales
Interim Rector
St Aidan's
St. Aidan's  has been serving the Stratford Landing area since 1963.
We worship virtually on Sunday at 9:30 am & every evening at 7pm. You are always welcome at St. Aidan's, wherever you may be on your faith journey.
Some Helpful Links:
The Center for Spiritual Deepening at St. Aidan's supports the soul and heart work of those seeking a deeper sense of God's presence in their lives. Check out the Center and it offering's  Here.
Virtual Coffee Hour this Sunday
Please join us this Sunday, Aug 2nd after Church for a Virtual Coffee hour. We'll start out all together, giving Rosemary a chance to know us better, and then break into groups for fellowship with one another. Plan on about 20 minutes. And, of course, bring your own beverage! 
Parish Survey
Thank you to over 70 parishioners who have submitted their replies to our
Parish Wide survey.

We wanted to point out that the survey is anonymous unless you add your name in the last question box. If you filled it out but didn't record your name and also noted you would like a call from one of our Vestry members , please reach out to Eileen in the office so she can help coordinate that connection. 

If you have yet to fill out the Survey, please use this direct link below and fill it out now. It only takes 5 mins to do so and would be greatly appreciated as the information is key to knowing where the parish stands currently.

St. Aidan’s Day School Alumni!
We need your help! The Day School is creating a database of alumni for occasional information. If you, your child(ren) or someone you know attended the day school, send us their information. Please include the name(s) of students and the years they attended. Please send all emails or questions to Viju Dilley, Thank you! 
Building and Grounds
Update on White Hall
White Hall is closed to all during our shut down for safety and health reasons. We currently have suspended our cleaning contract to save money so there is a real need to strictly limit access to the facility. It is important that everyone abide by these rules for the safety of the few of us that do need to use the space. 
We ask that if you do happen to go in for some reason please be sure to:
1. Wear a mask
2. Clean whatever you use (bathroom, door handles, light switches, etc). We will have some wipes available. 
3. Extremely important.......Double check that the door is locked on your way out. You must use the code to lock the panel door upon exit. It does not lock on its own. 
If you have any questions or need assistance with any of this or the door & lock please email Eileen at  Thank you.  
Helping Those in Need
We continue to collect food for Rising Hope and United Community Food Pantries in the box outside the church office. The box is checked regularly. Here is the most current list of items they are in need of:
Canned Meats
Canned Vegetables
Cooking oil
Taco shell kits
Kids pull-ups
Both agencies are also in need of paper bags ( please, no plastic ) for their distribution of goods to clients.  Thank You!
Service Links
If you are not receiving a separate mailing each week with links for worship gatherings and would like to be added to that list, simply reach out to the office and let us know. Those links are sent out on Saturday .