The Epistle
September 9, 2020
Endings and Beginnings
Dear St. Aidan’s family,

So long to the weirdest summer ever! Labor Day marked the official end of summer and the beginning of many things – a new school year, a new church program year, and a new season, the glorious season of autumn. In coronavirus time, many things have changed, but the turning of the seasons, at least, has a predictable familiarity. We are blessed to live in a region that experiences four seasons. I’ve never been sure which is my favorite (except it is definitely not winter!). So I look forward to the gifts that autumn brings – among them, cooler weather, colorful leaves, and apple dishes of all kinds.

Those cooler temps will be a blessing as St. Aidan’s gathers for outdoor worship this coming Sunday – the first time since March that any in-person worship has occurred, and the first time that I will meet many of you in person since my arrival in July! Read more below about the way this 11:00 service will take place, but know also that the 9:30 Zoom service will continue indefinitely. Ultimately, weather will force the 11:00 crowd back indoors to our computers. But first, let’s enjoy watching the changes to our beautiful campus as each Sunday takes us a little deeper into the season of fall.

Many churches have begun to celebrate this time of year as the Season of Creation – a time to thank God for the many aspects of nature that our good Earth provides. If you click on this link, you can read more about this relatively new practice. Here at St. Aidan’s, we will stick with the usual lectionary readings but we will observe the season of Creation by using Prayer C in our Sunday liturgies – the Eucharistic Prayer most attuned to the natural world. In this prayer, we give thanks for the sun, moon, and stars, the planets in their courses, and “this fragile earth, our island home.” Whether you join worship online or join fellow parishioners (safely distanced) on our beautiful grounds, I hope you will renew your connection to the gifts of creation and your commitment to protect and preserve the natural environment.

In a week that has seen new evidence of climate degradation, from hellish temperatures in California to a freak snowstorm in the Rocky Mountains, it is more urgent than ever that we understand environmental stewardship as a sacred trust, a spiritual matter as well as a scientific challenge. This Labor Day, I spent a happy hour at Huntley Meadows with my daughter Shelly, who is an accomplished birder. Though we were too late in the day to see much bird activity, walking in the woods together was a balm for the soul. She told me about one of her colleagues at the University of Maryland who is focusing her research on forest bathing, which doesn’t involve water but rather time in nature. Forest bathing sounds intriguing, healing, and a perfect antidote to the gazillion hours we spend on the Internet, especially when it crashes in the middle of Sunday worship, as it did this for me this week.

So welcome to the glorious season of autumn, to the Season of Creation, and to new outdoor experiences. May God bless you with every leaf that turns, every breeze that cools, and every amber light that bathes you in beauty. And may you come ever closer to our Creator as you more deeply reverence “this fragile Earth, our island home.” 

The Rev. Dr. Rosemary Beales
Interim Rector
This Sunday, Sept 13th
This Sunday, Sept 13th, we will be holding 2 services. Our weekly Online service will still happen at 9:30 via Zoom followed by a short Coffee Hour.
We will also have our first Outdoor Re-gathering Service held at
11:00 am on the front lawn of the grounds.
If you would like to attend the Outdoor Regathering Service we ask that you add your name to the Sign Up Genius HERE so we can keep track of who will be attending. We can only have a group size of 50 people as per the Diocese regulations. Thank you.
For those that missed last Sunday's Labor Day Service
with Bishop Goff here is the You Tube link.

St Aidan's
St. Aidan's has been serving the Stratford Landing area & beyond since 1963.
We worship virtually on Sunday at 9:30 am & every evening at 7pm. You are always welcome at St. Aidan's, wherever you may be on your faith journey.
Some Helpful Links:
The Center for Spiritual Deepening at St. Aidan's supports the soul and heart work of those seeking a deeper sense of God's presence in their lives. Check out the Center and its offerings Here.
Children and Youth Formation
While weather and daylight cooperate, Family Formation events will be in person this fall. We hope to see you when you're ready to regather. All events are outdoors on St. Aidan's lawn; masks and physical distancing required at all times; bathrooms available for emergency use only. Occasional volunteers needed! Detailed information is sent in a separate monthly email to families and texted to youth. If you or your student are not included and wish to be, contact Rebecca Troutman:; or (303) 523-5060
Children and Families
Family Prayer Service: Wednesdays at 5:30, beginning September 16. A short prayer service for families of preschool and elementary age children. Come as you are (no sign up required) and bring your own blanket for the lawn and shaker for music! Prizes for most creative mask and instrument! 
SECOND SUNDAYS: EYC Game Nights. Beginning September 13. Come out for some healthy (and occasionally messy) competition. Winners will always get prizes! 
Middle School/Grade 6-8: 5-6pm
High School/Grade 9-12: 6:30-7:30pm
FOURTH SUNDAYS: *Zoom EYC. Log on to connect and discuss some of the topics we brainstormed in the spring.
Middle School/Grade 6-8: 6:00-6:45
High School/Grade 9-12: 6:45-7:30
*The Zoom links will be in the email to Families. Be sure to look for them there.
A Few Updates
Adult Formation
ADULT FORMATION (Adult Ed) will take place via Zoom on Wednesday evenings, beginning Sept. 16, after Compline. We will keep meetings to one hour (7:30-8:30). Rev. Rosemary and Ted Renaud will lead the study, focusing on inclusion, welcome, and the Christian practice of hospitality. The book we will use is Making Room: Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition , by Christine Pohl. Please read Chapter 1 (Introduction) for the first session, but come even if you have not read or even acquired the book yet. The conversation is open to all. Let us know you’re interested by signing up here, and you will receive a link for the Zoom session. All are welcome!
Shrine Mont needs our help! 
Shrine Mont is open and my family can attest to the great safety precautions in place. I would encourage anyone who wants to get away to check out If you cannot get away, then please consider ordering a Shrine Mont face mask. 
St Aidan’s will be placing an order for Shrine Mont masks in an effort to help out. Masks are $6 each.  Please email Ted Renaud ( if you are interested. Payment method and delivery will be arranged later. If you would like to round up, the extra money will be used to purchase masks for use at our outdoor services.  Ted Renaud

Helping Those in Need
Thank you to everyone who has been contributing food at St. Aidan’s for United Community and Rising Hope since the pandemic began. Thanks to the generosity of the St. Aidan’s community many families in our local area have received much needed food items. A special thanks to Ryan and Kevin Coneway for picking up the food from St. Aidan’s each day and delivering it to one of the local food banks. 
Beginning the week of September 20, we will no longer be collecting food at St. Aidan’s. Instead we are asking parishioners, who want to help those in need of food, to sign up for a program called Food for Neighbors. This group delivers a Red Bag to donors that includes a specific list of items they need. They collect the bags from your home bi-monthly on a Saturday and distribute the food to families in need. For additional information on the program and to sign up please visit the following website:
Day To Serve Project
St. Aidan's Community, we have supported the Day To Serve Project for past several years, this year, however, we have no way to store food items in White Hall because of Covid regulations for the Day School.  SO, instead we ask that you bring donations to St. Aidan's for One Week ONLY.  
Starting Sunday Sept. 13 through to Friday Sept. 18 Outreach will collect any food items and keep them secure until delivered to Church of the Latter Day Saints on Friday, Sept. 18. Thank you for any and all donations to the Day To Serve Project.
Recommended Food Items to Donate for Power Packs
*Oatmeal: individual instant packets or Microwaveable cups
*Cereal: individual serving size containers of cereal
*Individual Mac and Cheese cups (Velveeta, Kraft, etc) 
*Lunch-to-Go Chicken or Tuna Salad Kits with Crackers (Starkist)
*Individual serving microwaveable Chili Cups (Hormel) 
*Individual serving microwaveable cups Beefaroni, Ravioli, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken & Rice, etc. (Chef Boyardi) 
*Complete Meals (Hormel) or similar microwaveable meals
*Applesauce (and other fruit) Squeeze Packets (all flavors) 
*Individual fruit cups (NO FOIL LIDS, please) 
*Cheese and Cracker Packets 
*Peanut-free Granola Bars (Nature Valley, NutriGrain, etc) 
*Goldfish Crackers – individual snack size bags
*100% Fruit Juice Boxes or Capri Sun Juice Packets 
*Shelf Stable Milk (Horizon, YooHoo) 
Our purpose is to provide weekend meals to students who receive free/reduced lunch during the school year.
We have been well underway collecting food and monetary donations to create Power Packs that will be distributed to students throughout our district.
We are excited for the upcoming unified Day to Serve event on Saturday September 19 from 8 am-12 pm where we will come together to assemble Power Packs.
Below is the link to sign up for volunteer time slots. All information for the Day to Serve event, including the address, are in the link below. Thank you for your contribution and service!
  If you would like to continue to donate food to United Community and Rising Hope, you may take food to them directly. Both organizations have food pantries and are located just off Route One. Information regarding drop off times and items needed is on their websites: 

United Community 

Rising Hope 
Community of Hope International
This fall, St Aidan’s Circle of Care team is partnering with St. Luke’s and St Paul’s to offer the pastoral care training course developed by Community of Hope International. We invite you to learn what pastoral care is, discover Benedictine Spirituality and explore how it can strengthen your relationship to God, and hone skills that will help you care for your needs as well as the needs of your family and the community. The course of 12 weekly sessions will begin on September 27 and will conclude on December 13. It will be conducted through Zoom. If you are interested in signing up for this training or learning more, please contact either Carol Horn at or Kathy Seikel at
Center for Spiritual Deepening
Touched by an Angel with Dr. Michael Conforti
Founder and Director of the Assisi Institute
Monday, September 14, 2020 - 7:30 - 9:00 pm on Zoom
Who is not touched by the sight of an infant in their mother’s arms? What is it in such experiences that brings us to our knees? The work of Carl Jung helped us understand that we are touched by the experience of the numinous and touched by an angel. The veil separating temporal reality from the eternal is eclipsed by the emergence of a domain which has existed since the beginning of time. We enter the domain of the archetypal. This presentation will look at innate, archetypal dynamics of life, and ways to live in relationship to the spiritual. 
Dr. Michael Conforti is a Jungian analyst and Founder and Director of The Assisi Institute. 
Write to to request the meeting link for this event
Upcoming Election
A very important election is approaching this November 3rd. You can see Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's comment below. For more information on voting, you can visit one of the these sites - 
From the Treasurer
Thanks to all who support St. Aidan's in so many ways! 
Your support makes so many good things happen
at St. Aidan's and beyond.

Received to date (as of 9.6)  172,983
Budgeted to date (as of 9.6) 205,067

Thanks for your support of this amazing community!
Building and Grounds
Update on White Hall
White Hall is closed to all during our shut down for safety and health reasons. The Day School will be using the space for their students to have more room to spread out during the school year and our main priority is to keep the Children & Day School Staff safe. We have wiped all the codes to the panel door for now.
If you have any questions please email Eileen at Thank you. 
Service Links
If you are not receiving a separate mailing each week with links for worship gatherings and would like to be added to that list, simply reach out to the office and let us know. Those links are sent out on Saturday.