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"The valor and courage of our young women and men in the armed services are a shining example to all  
of the world, and we owe them and their families our deepest respect."  
-   Bill Frist 
November 7th, 2018
From Mrs. Rowley       
Thank you to all who came out and supported our annual fall Scholastic Fall Book Fair! Thanks to all of you it was a huge success. Also, gratitude to all who ordered from Mixed Bag Designs. We are off to a great start with the pre-gala start-up funds. Thanks especially to Sharon Driscoll for her incredible organization of this event.
Just a reminder that there is no school next Monday and Tuesday is early release to accommodate Parent/Teacher conferences. I look forward to seeing you all next week.
We have some fun events coming up: an assembly on Wednesday, November 14 and a turkey trot (in place of the Fun Run) on Wednesday, November 28. Please watch out for more information about these - and thanks to Mary Helou for organizing them!
The week of November 11 we will celebrate Discover Catholic Schools Week. That Friday, November 16, we will have an open house from 9:00-10:00am to include some light refreshments, a Q and A and a tour of the school. Please help spread the word to friends and neighbors about our gem of a school!
School News 
Turkey Trot - Fun Run 2018
Wednesday, November 28, 2018
Do you like getting exercise?!
Do you love helping out your school?!!
Do you adore
winning prizes for food and movies?!!!  
Pizza Party?!!!! How about an $100 AMAZON GIFTCARD ?!!!!!  
Then check out the pledge form here and the fact sheet here for the upcoming Fun Run!  
Parents - please sign up to help count laps and serve refreshments for our runners. Any time spent goes towards your volunteer hours requirement.  
sale_tags_re.jpg November 5 -November 14

Let your school spirit shine! School spirit wear makes a great Christmas gift and can be worn on dress down days!  PLUS 10% of proceeds will come back St. Ambrose School!

Orders can be placed online @  

Alternatively, you can return the  attached form to the school office.
Please contact Eileen Bliss @ or 202.288.0813 with any questions.
Three Kings Gift Shop- HELP WANTED 
Looking for a way to fulfill your volunteer hours?  
Are you skilled at planning and coordinating?
Do you LOVE Christmas shopping?
Want to help our students make the Christmas season super special?
Our "Three Kings Gift Shop" is just around the corner!
Sign up to be our Head Elf today!!
Contact  Mary Helou to sign up!
Looking for this year's Head Elf or a team of elves to lead this event!
Coat Drive
WOO HOO!! Our annual WINTER WEAR/COAT DRIVE is underway!  We have already had a taste of the cold, so hopefully that will remind everyone to donate coats, jackets, mittens, scarves, snowsuits and hats to take care of those of our neighbors in need.  This year there is also a collection after some of the Masses in November.  Thank you in advance for donating clean and good quality items; that relays the message that you care that our neighbors in need are warm and have nice things to wear.  Donations from the past few years have been wonderful!  Please remember that we also love to receive brand new items, so if you see a sale going on, why not purchase a scarf, hat, pair of mittens, or even a jacket?  Tis the season of Thanksgiving for all we have, and now let's give to those who have not.  God bless you.
Save the Date! 
Discovery Toys coming to St. Ambrose School
8 - 9:30 AM
 NOON - 12:45
AND 2:30 - 3:30 PM
Shop the BEST in award-winning educational toys, books and games for the children in your life.  Discovery Toys offers a wonderful line of developmental toys, books and games for ALL ages!  Preview the catalog in advance or place an order at  by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30 with Cindy Connors at 703-868-8697 or e-mail  
THE  "TOY RAISER" will earn FREE award-winning educational Discovery Toys for St. Ambrose School!
St. Ambrose School 2nd annual
Treats for Troops

Thank you to everyone who donated candy for our troops!
(click on image to enlarge) 
All Saint's Day

Every year the second grade class dresses up as different saints for All Saint's Day. It's always fun to see our little saints.     
(click on image to enlarge) 
Preschool Book Character Day 

Preschoolers dressed as book characters and visited all classes to share their books and costumes. 
  (click on images to enlarge) 
Kindergarten News
Kindergarten investigates different pumpkins!   
Click on images to enlarge. 
From the Health Clinic
Mrs. Maureen Earner
Raising Confident Children
It takes confidence to be a kid. Whether going to a new school or stepping up to bat for the first time, children face a lot of uncharted territory.
Naturally, parents want to instill a can-do attitude in their children so that they will bravely take on new challenges and, over time, believe in themselves. While each child is a little different, parents can follow some general guidelines to build children's' confidence.
Self-confidence rises out of a sense of competence. In other words, children develop confidence not because parents tell them they are great, but because of their achievements, big and small. Sure, it is good to hear encouraging words from mom and dad. But words of praise mean more when they refer to a child's specific efforts or new abilities.
When children achieve something, whether it is brushing their own teeth or riding a bike, they get a sense of themselves as able and capable, and tap into that high-octane fuel of confidence.
Building self-confidence can begin very early. When babies learn to turn the pages of a book or toddlers learn to walk, they are getting the idea "I can do it!" With each new skill and milestone, children can develop increasing confidence.
Parents can help by giving children lots of opportunities to practice and master their skills, letting children make mistakes and being there to boost their spirits so they keep trying. Respond with interest and excitement when children show off a new skill, and reward them with praise when they achieve a goal or make a good effort.
With plentiful opportunities, good instruction, and lots of patience from parents, children can master basic skills - like tying their shoes and making the bed. Then, when other important challenges present themselves, children can approach them knowing that they have already been successful in other areas.
Continue reading here.
From the Editor

Please make sure to read the Buzz every week. There's a lot of great things in it. Also, please, send in YOUR submissions! Submissions are due by Mondays by 5pm. I accept submissions from teachers, staff, and parents. If you know of something interesting going on in our community, or want to give a shout out to someone at the school, I'd love to add it to the Buzz. I especially love pictures. Please contact Mrs. Rowley to make sure that we have permission to publish pictures of every student in the picture. Pictures need to be less than 5 MB. Thanks so much!
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Ways to Give!

Ana-Maria Cordoba Scholarship Fund 


PTO Meeting Dates
Next Meeting:
November 15th at 7pm
Important Tidbits
Important Dates
(All events and important dates can be found on our website's Google Calendar!)
Thur 11/8:
 - Band lesson 3:15-4pm
 - Coder Kids 3:30-4:30pm
 - Basketball Practice
(Grades 4 & 5 boys) 6-8pm
Fri 11/9:
 - Drama Club 3:15-4pm
 - Sign Language Club 3:15 - 4:30 PM
 - Basketball Practice (Grade 6 boys) 6-7:30pm

Sat 11/10:
 - Tennis (grades 4-8)

Mon 11/12:
- NO SCHOOL- Veteran's Day!
 - Parent Teacher Conferences
Tues 11/13:
11:30am Early Dismissal 
 - Parent Teacher Conferences 

Wed 11/14:
 - Assembly
 - Basketball Practice (Grade 6 boys) 6-7:30pm
 - Middle School Night 7pm
Did you...
- Look for coats to donate?
- Sign up for the Turkey Trot?
- Order Spirit Wear?
- Think of ways you can help out the school?
-Sign up for our various rewards programs?
-Tell a friend about the Amazon Associates Program?
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