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"Let us take refuge from this world. You can do this in spirit, even if you are kept here in the body. You can at the same time be here and present to the Lord. Your soul must hold fast to him, you must follow after him in your thoughts, you must tread his ways by faith, not in outward show ."  
- St. Ambrose 
December 5th, 2018
From Mrs. Rowley       
December already, and that brings us the Three Kings Shop, which our students enjoyed visiting today and will continue tomorrow. Next Wednesday is our annual Christmas concert where we showcase the musical talents of our students. This begins at 6:30 pm. On Wednesday we will also have the privilege of visiting the traveling image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in honor of her feast day.  
On Friday we will celebrate the Memorial of Saint Ambrose. Our students will enjoy a special treat of donuts (honey-dipped, of course).
This evening our school choir will join with the choir of St. Andrew the Apostle School to sing at a recorded Christmas Mass. This will be held in the crypt chapel of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. It will be televised on Christmas morning on DC 50 at 8:00 am. Thanks to our choir director, Mr. Don Cotton for his hard work with our students.
Dear Jesus, You are the hope in our world. This Advent, help us slow down, listen to your voice, and focus on what is really important. We place our hope in You as we prepare our hearts to celebrate Your birth on Christmas. Amen
School News 
Important Reminders 
  • Make sure that you turn in Turkey Trot Pledge Money  by Monday 12/10.
  • Use Amazon Smile for  your holiday shopping! The school will get a percentage of your purchases.
  • Keep collecting box tops and turning them in! It's another easy way for our great school to earn money.
Three Kings Gift Shop -  
We still need volunteers to help the Three Kings Shop this week. This is a great opportunity to earn your volunteer credit hours and take part in a St. Ambrose tradition. Please sign up at: . Thank you for your support! For questions please contact Mary Helou at .
fun-glasses-banner.gif Please consider donating your time, talents or treasure to help our school:
* Gift certificates for restaurants or retailers
* Spa products or services
* Painting, cooking or cake decorating classes
* Autographed sports items
* Sports or music lessons
* Religious artwork or devotional items
* Professional photography shoot or custom portraits
* Event tickets
* Website design
* Free Tax Preparation
* Children's birthday party entertainment
* Pet walking or house cleaning
* Flower delivery
* Gardening or landscaping services
* Personal chef for an evening
* Gourmet food basket
* Popular toys such as an American Girl Doll
Donations accepted at the school office or contact for pick up.
Coat Drive
The annual Winter Wear/Coat Drive was another tremendous success and that correlates to a lot of people in need being warmer this winter.  Nearly all the items were in excellent condition and washed or dry cleaned which we so appreciated.  We collected nearly 130 coats in addition to lots of jackets, vests, scarves, gloves, and snow suits!  WOW! We do want to send a special thank you to whomever donated a large plastic bag with hand knitted mittens - they are simply wonderful!  In the bag was another bag with jewelry items which we will leave in the office; perhaps that was meant for the Three Kings Shop.  A big thank you to Mary Gaziano who works every year helping pick up the items, washing and dry cleaning if necessary, and organizing for delivery - she is the best!  The donations this year are being delivered to both Christ House and the majority to St. James Parish in WV where the need is greater.  Thank you for your generosity in this season of giving. Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year! 
Kindergarten Happenings 
Kindergarten has been busy! Their bean plants are growing and they are even making their own butter! 
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Reminders for Rest of 2018 

Wednesday, 12/5 - Report cards go home
Thursday, 12/6 - Students do not attend 9:00 AM Mass
Friday, 12/7 - Feast of St. Ambrose - 9:00 AM Mass
Monday, 12/10 - Advent Service upon arrival - GYM
Monday, 12/10 - Christmas Program Rehearsal for K-8 - Afternoon
Tuesday, 12/11 - Christmas Program Rehearsal for K-8 - Afternoon
Tuesday, 12/11 - Santa's Visit
Wednesday, 12/12 - Visit of image of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Afternoon time TBD
Wednesday, 12/12 - Christmas Concert for K-8 - 6:30 PM
Friday, 12/14 - Preschool 4 year old - Christmas Program - 10 - 11:00 AM
Friday, 12/14 - Early release @ 2:15 PM
Monday, 12/17 - Advent Service upon arrival - GYM
Monday, 12/17 - CHESS CLUB - 3:15 - 4:30 PM
Wednesday, 12/19 - Preschool 3 year old - Christmas Program - 10 - 11:00 AM
Wednesday, 12/19 - Class Christmas Parties - Time TBD
Thursday, 12/20 - Class Christmas Parties - Time TBD
Thursday, 12/20 - Early Dismissal 11:30 AM - NO AFTER SCHOOL CARE
Community Corner

Shout Outs!
SHOUT OUTS for this week go out to the Three Kings Saturday Sorting Crew. These AMAZING ladies gave up time over the weekend to help pre-sort the donations received in preparation for the gift shop opening this week.Thank you to the PTO Social Committee  - Eileen Bliss, Michelle Robbins and Heather Terreri - as well as Rosie McGuire, Rachel Kramer and Jessica Martin for your help in this very important task. An extra hand for Joyce Alimusa for not only sorting goods, but for securing a donation of 500 shopping bags from Trader Joe's so that our students can carry their purchases home! And finally SUPER MOM kudos to Kathleen Leffas and Nina Wieczorek for participating in this effort with their newborn babies in tow! You ladies are truly an inspiration and we are indebted to you for your help and dedication to our school!

Mary Helou
Three Kings Coordinator
From the Health Clinic
Mrs. Maureen Earner 

What is influenza (also called "the flu")?
Influenza is commonly referred to as "the flu." It is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs. There are two main types of influenza virus: A and B. Each type includes many different strains that tend to change from year to year.
Who gets influenza?
Anyone can get influenza, but it is most serious in young children, older persons, in people with chronic illnesses (e.g., lung disease, heart disease, cancer, or diabetes) or those with weakened immune systems.
Influenza Symptoms
Symptoms of flu can include a sudden onset of:
Fever* or feeling feverish/ having chills
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue (feeling very tired)
Some children may have vomiting and diarrhea.
Continue reading here
From the Editor

Please make sure to read the Buzz every week. There's a lot of great things in it. Also, turn in your submissions! Submissions are due by Mondays by 5pm. I accept submissions from teachers, staff, and parents. If you know of something interesting going on in our community, or want to give a shout out to someone at the school, I'd love to add it to the Buzz. I especially love pictures. Please contact Mrs. Rowley to make sure that we have permission to publish pictures of every student in the picture. Pictures need to be less than 5 MB. Thanks so much!
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Ana-Maria Cordoba Scholarship Fund 


PTO Meeting Dates
Next Meeting:
Important Tidbits
Important Dates
(All events and important dates can be found on our website's Google Calendar!)
Thur 12/6:
 - No Mass
 - Three Kings Shop Open
 - Band Rehearsal
 - Coder Kids 3:30-4:30pm
 - Basketball Practice (Grade 6 boys) 6-7:30pm
Fri  12/7:
 -  Feast of St. Ambrose 9am
- Three Kings Clean Up
 - Sign Language Club 3:15 - 4:30 PM
 - Drama Club 3:15-4pm
- Basketball (Grade6 boys) 6-7:30pm

Sat 12/8:
 - Tennis (grades 4-8)

Sun 12/9:
  - Pancake Breakfast

Mon 12/10:
 - Strings Practice 4pm
 - Chess Club 3:15-4:30pm
 - Kolbe Kids 3:15-4pm
 - Running Club 3:15-4pm
Tues 12/11:
 - Final Running Club Meeting 3:15-4pm Outside  

Wed 12/12:
 - Santa Visits 8:30am
 - Visit of image of Our Lady of Guadalupe
 -  Christmas Concert  (K-8) 6:30 PM
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