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  " Lent is a time of going very deeply into ourselves... What is it that stands between us and God? Between us and our brothers and sisters? Between us and life, the life of the Spirit? Whatever it is, let us relentlessly tear it out, without a moment's hesitation."  
March 6th, 2019
From Mrs. Rowley       
Thank you to all who came out last weekend and supported our gala. "A Mardi Gras Knight" was wonderful, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. A special "thank you" to Sharon Driscoll and her team for putting the event together. We are very grateful for all of their hard work.
Congratulations to Zachary Robbins, 5 th grader and winner of our local Geography Bee. Zach has qualified to compete in the state finals. We are so proud of him. He was, and will be, competing against students up to 8 th grade!
Each year 8 th grade students from diocesan schools join the bishop for the vocations Mass. This year the event has evolved into " Go Forth: Called and Chosen." Yesterday the 8 th graders from Catholic schools all over the diocese attended Mass and then had lunch together, while learning about vocations. On Thursday they will also attend a day of learning life skills and budgeting at Finance Park.
We are still collecting Box Tops. Please save these as our school can turn them into money!
School News 
Spring Track 
Signups are now open for Spring track for 3rd - 8th grade!  The cost of registration is $20 for those who ran in track in the Fall (and have the shirt), and $30 for any new runners that need the shirt.  If your runner participated in the fall, but needs a new shirt, please let me know, the charge will be $30.  There will also be a $5 discount if you have more than one child participating.  You will be charged via FACTS.  You can sign up here: 106538/login.

The spring track meet will be at O'Connell on May 18/19.  Practices will be held on Wednesday's and Friday's, 4p - 5:15p, and we will throw in an occasional Saturday morning, when we can get the use of a local track.  We will begin to hold practices in a few weeks, start date TBD.

And as always, if you can help us with practices in any way, we'd love to have you!  Just let us know!
Coach Mani and I hope to see your runners (and you!) on the track field!
From the Editor

Please make sure to read the Buzz every week. There's a lot of great things in it. Also, turn in your submissions! Submissions are due by Mondays by 5pm. I accept submissions from teachers, staff, and parents. If you know of something interesting going on in our community, or want to give a shout out to someone at the school, I'd love to add it to the Buzz. I especially love pictures. Please contact Mrs. Rowley to make sure that we have permission to publish pictures of every student in the picture. Pictures need to be less than 5 MB. Thanks so much! 
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