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" Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence."  
- Saint Francis de Sales
May 2nd, 2018
From Mrs. Rowley       
On Monday our 8 th graders went on their graduation trip to Philadelphia to visit the Franklin Institute, Independence Hall, and the Cathedral. The choir will go to Kings Dominion on Friday to participate in the choral festival, and then enjoy an afternoon of roller-coaster fun!

Friday evening will be special for a group of young students as they participate in the infamous Library Pajama Party, hosted by Mrs. Healy and Mrs. Rowley! This was one of many events auctioned at the gala. It should be a fun evening with books, crafts, and Mrs. Healy's delicious cookies!

On Thursday, May 10, we will have our annual May Crowning at the 9:00 am school Mass. All are welcome to join us.

Please keep our students in your prayers over the next three weeks as they go through the last Scantron testing session for the year.

Have a blessed week.

Positions Open 2018-2019 Year
We have many volunteer jobs here at St. Ambrose to fit everyone's lifestyle and schedule.  There are so many opportunities you should easily find some way to volunteer and share your time and talents with our dedicated teachers and students.  
One such wonderful opportunity is to be a member of the PTO Board.  This year we have several slots opening due to term limits.  
The positions of President, Secretary, Service Chair, and Social Chair are currently vacant for the 2018-2019 school year and nominees will be voted in at the meeting May 31st meeting in conjunction with the Spring Concert.   If you are interested in learning more about how our school works from the inside out please take the time to look at the description and pray to discern if you are being called to one of the positions.  The members of the Board who will remain in place are a wonderful group and all really invested in making St. Ambrose the best it can be.  If you are interested, please email  for more information or to alert the Board and Nomination Committee of your interest as soon as possible.  
To give you a little background on the open positions and the time commitments associated with each know that the  Board meets monthly in the evenings and helps out with various activities as needed during the school day (but works as a team and cover one another if schedules conflict).  You don't need any prior Board experience to serve just a willing heart.  
From the PTO Constitution and Bylaws: 
1.         The officers of the PTO shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
2.         In the event that the President is unable to complete a full term, the Vice President shall fulfill the President's duties for the remainder of the term.  In the event any other officer is unable to complete a full term, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the President with the consent of the Executive Board."
1.         The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, three elected Members-At-Large and an elected Teacher Representative, the Pastor ex officio, the Principal ex officio and the immediate Past President of the PTO ex officio.  The Executive Board shall have full responsibility and authority for the PTO's business affairs.  A quorum of the Executive Board shall be a majority of its elected members."
..."The President shall preside at all meetings of the PTO and of the Executive Board; shall be an ex officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee; shall appoint all Special Committees and Standing Committee Chairman; shall receive and disburse funds in the absence of the Treasurer; and shall perform all other duties pertaining to the office."
..."The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all general meetings of the PTO and of the meetings of the Executive Board.  The Secretary shall send copies of the minutes of the aforesaid meeting to all Executive Board Members and chairmen of the Standing Committees." 
The Service Chair has a binder that they will be given which outlines the types of projects that have been done in conjunction with the parish with the full understanding that the new chair might have ideas he or she wants to implement.  You can get as creative as you'd like (with Board buy-in, of course) in this position.  
The Social Chair helps to organize events like the Oktoberfest, Wine and Chocolate and more.  However, with the help of committees this job doesn't need to be a back breaker.  If you enjoy organizing events and interacting with people, this might be the perfect fit as you oversee the events and ensure that all the moving pieces are in place and ready to go.  You should NOT have to plan any or all of these events by yourself.  
You can find the various opportunities to volunteer on the school website at  and click the   Volunteer Job Descriptions 2017-18 link in the middle of the page.  There may be more added and/or tweaked so check out the site and then come see us at the concert to see if anything has been added that might be right up your alley.  
Thank you for taking the time to see how you can help out.  If we each do a little bit, then events can continue and no one person (or group of regulars) has to do all the heavy lifting.  There's nothing worse than the smell of a burnt out volunteer.
School News 
5K Peace Run Cancelled 
Due to lack of volunteers, the annual 5K Peace Run will not be held this year.

We cannot run these events without enough volunteer participation.  And, in order for these events to be successful,  we need volunteers who commit and participants who show up.
Kindergarten Spring Mural 
(Click on images to enlarge)
Shout Outs! 
Thank you to Sarah Moran.  She recently introduced herself and chatted up our wonderful school to new parishioners at the Church.  Because of her positive and informative communication I received a call asking for a tour for their daughters.  Being a small, tucked away school, parents play a vital role in increasing enrollment.  We rely heavily on our families to recruit and positively promote Saint Ambrose School.  Half of our new families come from referrals from current families like you.  THANK YOU!
Thank you school families for continuing to collect Box Tops for Education.  This year Saint Ambrose school received a total of $651.50!!  WOW.  That is great.  Please continue to collect them over the summer.  We will have another submission in the fall.

Also, thank you to Rina Mendoza for volunteering her time and effort for this cause.  We appreciate your work!
From the Health Clinic
Mrs. Maureen Earner

Creating a Reader-Friendly Home
A home filled with reading material is a good way to help children become enthusiastic readers. What kind of books should you have? Ask your children about their interests. If they are too young to have a preference, your local librarian can offer suggestions about age-appropriate books.

Here are some other tips:

Keep a varied selection. Collect board books or books with mirrors and different textures for babies. Preschoolers enjoy alphabet books, rhyming books, and picture books. Elementary-age kids will enjoy variety: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, plus dictionaries and other reference books.
Children can understand stories they might not be able to read on their own. If a more challenging book interests your child, make it something to read together. Younger children can look at illustrations in books and ask questions as they follow along.

And do not limit reading material to books. Kids might also enjoy:
  • magazines (for children)
  • audio books
  • postcards, e-mails, and text messages from relatives
  • photo albums or scrapbooks
  • newspapers
  • comic books
  • the Internet
  • beginning reading and alphabet games on a computer
  • magnetized alphabet letters
  • e-readers or e-books
Keep reading material handy. Keep sturdy books with other toys for easy exploration. Books near the changing table and high chair can be helpful distractions for younger children at appropriate moments. Plastic books can even go in the bathtub. Keep books next to comfy chairs and sofas where you cuddle up so you can read after feedings and before naps.

Continue reading here.  
From the Editor
Send in your submissions! They are due on MONDAYS at 5pm. It's very important that you get your submissions in on time, or I won't be able to get them in until the following week. I accept submissions from teachers, staff, and parents. If you know of something interesting going on in our community, or want to give a shout out to someone at the school, I'd love to add it to the Buzz. I especially enjoy pictures. Please contact Mrs. Rowley to make sure that we have permission to publish pictures of every student in the picture. Pictures need to be less than 5MB. Thanks so much!
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Ways to Give!

Ana-Maria Cordoba Scholarship Fund 


PTO Meeting Dates
Next Meeting:
May 16th at 7pm
Important Tidbits
Important Dates
(All events and important dates can be found on our website's Google Calendar!)
Thur 5/2 :
  - Living Rosary 10am
  - Band Practice    
Fri 5/3:
  - Track Practice 3:15-4:30pm
  - Drama Club 3:15-4:30pm
  - Volleyball (Grades 5&6) 6pm 
  - Volleyball (Grades 7&8) 7:30pm 
  - Choir Trip to Kings Dominion

Mon 5/7:
  - Strings Practice 3:15-4:15pm
  - STEM (K-3rd) 3:15-4:30pm
  - Shakespeare Rehearsals 
Tue 5/8:
 - Choir Rehearsal 3:20-4:30pm
  - Shakespeare Rehearsals
  - CYM- Band of Brothers 7:30-9pm 
Wed 5/9:
  - Shakespeare Performance 2pm
  - Dance 3:10-4pm
  - STEM (4-8th) 3:15-4:30pm
  - Track 3:15-4:30pm 
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