Teresa Pucheta had lived alone for years, until a friend with health problems needed a place to stay. She shared her house with him until he died of cancer, she says. "Then I saw the house was kind of lonely. Another friend said: 'There's a place you can get a roommate.'" That's when Pucheta first found out about a house-sharing program at St. Ambrose. The program screens Home Seekers and Home Providers and allows them to make their own matches. Over the years, the program has grown to include different types of people on small, fixed incomes, older residents, single parents, and people who just don't want to live alone. Read more about Teresa and the benefits of Homesharing here.
Conversations in the time of Covid-19: In years past, Home Providers and Home Seekers connected in person with St. Ambrose staff throughout the matchmaking process. Because of Covid-19, we had to rethink the ways we got together. Now, we're spending more time getting to know each other on the phone and when possible with Zoom. We've also talked to people with fears and concerns about Covid-19 and been on the front lines of encouraging and maintaining public health and safety. We've instituted a Covid-19 testing policy so we know that everyone is Covid-free when they are matched and begin sharing living spaces. We're happy to be able to provide accurate and clear information about the coronavirus and to support everyone we work with in keeping themselves and those around them healthy and safe.

Homesharing is a great alternative to traditional renting and homeownership. As economic concerns grow throughout the pandemic, take a moment to learn more about the social and financial benefits of Homesharing to see if it's right for you today.

"We’re not in need of being miracle workers. But we are able to do what I think we initially wanted to do. And that’s just to provide support, guidance, and help when it’s needed."

Host Homes provide a safe and welcoming space for youth who are currently experiencing homelessness for any variety of reasons, including but not limited to family conflict, poverty, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Host Homes provide a temporary space for up to six months in which a young person has time to repair relationships and make informed decisions about housing options with the support of a caring housing case manager. St. Ambrose is now recruiting Host Home providers. Contact us today to learn more.

Watch this interview with two Host Home providers and the young people they welcomed into their homes to learn more about the program and register for our information session on May 13, 2021 at 1p.m. to get involved.

April is Financial Literacy Month: Financial education builds financial capability and helps families receive assistance, build resilience, and benefit from a stronger and more equitable economy. April is recognized as National Financial Capability Month to highlight the value of high-quality financial education to improving Americans’ financial capability. Are you interested in holistic financial planning? Learn how to pay off debt, plan for retirement, improve your credit, or save for a big purchase by contacting our Housing Counseling Department and asking about Financial Coaching today.
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In-person meetings are taking place: schedule an appointment today. For questions and program information, please call our offices at 410-366-8550 or contact us online. Clients will be screened for COVID-19 prior to entry into the office and use of masks and social distancing will be strictly required.