Next month, more specifically, on the 12th of March, it will be one year since we moved into this emergency situation, in other words, part of our functions were moved to the internet and some events were put on hold completely.
Even though life in the congregation will return to the same as it was previously, it has still changed. But not to a worse state. We have found new ways to keep in touch, cast hope, pray and love.

One significant achievement during this epidemic time is that our congregations’ activities did not stop at any point. On the first Monday of the shutdown we began our internet meetings, our shared mid-day prayer moments. Through the end of January, there has been 274 of these broadcasts. In addition to these are of course our Sunday worship services.

During this time of social distancing, our congregation has all in all, been inspired, and been more active than normal, in praying for others. I dare to say, that encounters of the heart have been more meaningful than during normal years. Even though we have been physically apart, no one has been left alone. I hope that our shared prayer life gets stronger than it was before and is rooted firmly in the normal functions of the congregation.

Going towards the Spring, light will win over darkness. Light always wins. This light is in you, let it shine. Without you, this congregation, this community, this world, is a darker place to live.