How is it possible that it is June 2022? That means that I have been shepherd of the congregation for one year. Somehow this thought seems unrealistic. Can a year go by so quickly? Time seems to compress, as a whole year seems like much less. When you move fast enough, time slows down, as Einstein states in his theory of relativity. This has probably happened to us. Tarja is very competitive in nature, and I tease her that her motto should be ‘ let’s start with full speed and then accelerate.’

How much fits into one year? Surprisingly a lot, I realize now, but a year ago I would have answered differently. I would have never guessed at the amount of events, that have fit into this year. Sometimes I have journeyed from peak to peak and do nice things, experience excellent events as well as meet great people. However, at times I have experienced the valleys in between the peaks, but that is normal life for a shepherd.

The best thing still is that I can do the work of this calling together with my loving wife. A small surprise I have experienced the congregation’s dedication to shared issues. You have done this volunteer work with an open heart. We would have never accomplished so much without your help. All support and prayers have carried us through the year. A heartfelt thank you to everyone, especially to Michael for all his help.

I am especially thankful to our area Dean Tate, and since October, the new Dean Winsor, who have always been ready to help and guide when I have needed it. Under my SAM status, I have checked in with them for any church matters, such as when to wear a robe during services. I have experience dmany new things this year and sometimes it seems as if I have had to live outside my comfort zone all the time. I have survived everything and have learned a lot with time. I have enjoyed my work as shepherd and feel that my calling is with this congregation.