The Spring is full of hope!
Spring is indeed full of hope. A majority of the locals from our congregation have received both vaccinations and we hope, that with good common sense and careful observation of safety rules, we can slowly return to having coffee socials and holding other events.
We also get hope from the hard working and quite capable Ettanen couple, who have returned into our midst. Sami will begin to carry some pastoral responsibilities in the Spring and Summer, and we are currently waiting for all necessary permissions from the synod bishop. One step toward better times.
On the last day of February, we held the last council meeting under the direction of Pertti Pietarinen. Work within the council the last three years, during Pertti’s term has been effective and produced results. Pertti has made sure that we work according to the congregation rules and has kept the meetings from wandering off track by keeping the conversations from getting out of control. The spirit of the council has been good. There has been room for a variety of different opinions, and the mutual respect of any members has not been lost during heated discussion. A warm thank you to Pertti from the congregation, especially from myself and council members for his hard work and professional matter in which he has handled his presidential duties!