When we first make LIFE active, then our EVANGELISM, too will become active.
The Bible is a great "lifestyle guide", with its help, we can learn to live a truly Christian life. Not only a life in the congregation, but also in the world. Outside of our congregation, we see and experience the results of living a Christian lifestyle. We also witness moments of evangelism, where we speak of the Gospel and the good news to each other. No doubt, whether we actually do what we say we should do is checked and double checked by our own eagle eyed obervations and observors. Such activity and relationships, challenge us to firmly devote ourselves to a personal relationship with God. When our personal relationship with God deepens and develops, we receive a solid foundation from which can rise up and live a full and active Christian life.
Dean Peltola crystalizes the paradox behind being a Christian:
”To be a Christian on cannot simply raise one side of a story, but it is necessary to give examples of the contrary and the opposite, which are just as often true. A Christian is to attempt in all things to live according to God's will and serve their closest neighbors, friends and family. At the center of Christian action, is to live together in everyday life with our beloved, those closest to us. And, because we are responsible people, we should also agree to live in the center of the struggle between good and evil, between God and Satan. (Ef 6:12–17). Here in the middle, we should trust the promises and teachings of the Bible, to pray, it would be helpful to sometimes fast, to work with faith in bringing forth God's kingdom on Earth, to love those closest to you and do good while alive. The basis and foundation for service, is not that we would be worthy to God thanks to service and action. No, to take action, is instead given to us as a calling and a duty. This is what will be taken into account at the end. (1 Kor. 3:12–13). As it is from service that your actions will be revealed, as well as with what materials you have used to build."

Wishing all friends a blessed March.