Dear members, dear friends of St. Andrew's,
We start a MAKING A DIFFERENCE - campaign at the beginning of February. Its goal is to reduce the budget strain of the loss-making summer months to our church. We in the Council have set a moderate and achievable target of 10,000 dollars to the campaign and have committed ourselves to an extra 1,000 dollars donation.
The campaign will last 12 weeks and it will end on Easter Sunday. We will hand out a special campaign envelope each Sunday in which we hope you would include an extra donation to support our year-round activities.
With the well-prepared and well-managed sale of our church building we have aimed at keeping our doors open during the next years. We do not want to touch the revenues from the sale, but to save them as a nest egg for the years to come. That is the least we can do for the past generations who have donated money to the church. We want to stabilize the church finances so that the eating up of the capital that has lasted for years will be brought under control and our financial situation brought as viable as possible.
Our congregation follows Jesus’ command to make disciples and to teach how to live as His followers. We are called to be the salt and light and to proclaim the Good News both in Finnish and English in our Finnish-American community.That is why we are here and that is why we aim to remain here still for decades to come.
Thank you for supporting us in this work!
Pastor Mia