Towards the new year with thankfulness!
Behind us is a different, but in many ways, a blessed year, 2020. My hope is that as you take a look back at the past year, that you also can find something to be thankful for on every one of those days. We have all had to give up something during the past year. Maybe you did not have a day without tears, no days without that pressure feeling in your chest. I still dare to hope, that as you rest your head on the pillow at night, that you can find something to be thankful about. Someone once said, if you want to be happy, start by being thankful. I don’t always have enough energy to be happy, but I always have enough to be thankful.
Thankfulness is thankful, in the sense that you can practice it. I practiced it myself by keeping a daily log of thankfulness, for a few years. At the conclusion of each day, I wrote the small things which happened to me throughout the day, that I was thankful for. Gradually, my eyes and heart opened up to realize the constant care that we get from God, and the good that we have in our own lives and of those near us – even during challenging times. My grandmother, who was the prayer warrior in our family, no matter the situation, always gave the same answer when asked how she was feeling – “Thankful, just thankful!”
I wish the same for you in the coming year!