We are deep into hurricane season and hurricane SAM is nearing the Caribbean, but fortunately according to forecast, it should turn north and miss Florida. Even though we know how to prepare for these storms, they always seem to surprise us when they come close to our area. Just as in Finland, when the first winter always surprises motorists on the roads and the number of accidents is seen only in newspaper columns. Through life’s experiences, we should also be well prepared for life’s storms that avalanche around us, although quite often they surprise us like the first winter does in Finland. At first, we spend time pulling ourselves out of the gutter before we can continue our journey.

The Bible gives us Christians excellent advice, rules, and warnings on how to handle spiritual storms. Nonetheless, I admit that many times they still manage to catch you off guard. Then you are just as disappointed as the motorist who saw the winter weather forecast on television about icy road conditions and still found himself in the ditch. Every now and then I wonder how easy it is to give others good advice and teach the Bible’s knowledge but forget all of it myself. That is human life. A good example came up on Sunday as we were playing golf. On the fairway in question was a water obstacle which we had to hit our drives over. I just managed to give advice to a friend on how to hit it with smooth tempo, but yet enough power, and as I stepped up to hit my own shot, it went straight into the water with power. I didn’t listen to my own advice two minutes after I said it.

For Christians, the Bible is a mirror. When we read it, we mirror our own life according to its word and strive to get something out that pertains to our own lives. God wants to help us; we just have to let Him. God does not look at our abilities, but our willingness. God never violates our free will.

Have a Blessed October!
Pastor Sami