Florida Summer
We have now experienced this warm, wonderful summer here in Florida. Of course, this year, Finland has had a record breaking hot summer, so in that regard it wasn’t a very big difference where we were this summer. But, these endless sand beaches and the constant swimming in the pool have felt very nice.

The one thing that has certainly changed throughout the years is how fast time goes by. During younger years it felt as if the summers would last forever, and now the summer just flew by. Just as June began, then July was over. We are already living in the days leading up to Christmas.

In reality I have had time to do quite a lot. In June we had normal services and of course the highlight was Tarja and her wonderful helpers prepared a Finnish Brunch luncheon. In July, we took some vacation and our intention was to not do any work or have any events. But due to congregation request, we arranged a few Bible studies, in both Finnish and English at our church office. I have also officiated three memorial services this summer.

The beginning of summer was filled with remodeling work, and it was quite the undertaking. Plumbers, electricians, materials, and then painting and even more painting. The second plumber did not show up, how about the third? Ok, that’s enough. Wow, luckily we got everything done. I have made it to the golf course a few times, which I am very happy about. And of course, my favorite past time is laying down on the patio and reading. A good book and iced coffee, what a great combination!

At the beginning of August, just as we were getting ready for the beginning of the Fall season, I got a head cold and throat infection, and as a result, lost my voice. On Friday morning I could not get any sounds out. Just raspy breathing. On the agenda for the weekend was a memorial service and the normal worship services, and I was in full panic mode. Where would I find a substitute if my condition were the same the next day. Fortunately, my voice was adequate, and all of the events were successfully completed.

One dream that I am awaiting with a wet tongue, is witnessing the hatching of sea turtles. We have always wanted to see the small turtles hurrying towards the protection of the sea. The beaches are now filled with marked turtle nests and soon you will find us at night creeping around on the beach.

Armfuls of blessings!
Sami SAM Ettanen