As we start September, we turn towards Fall and the coming winter. At the same time our congregation prepares for a busy winter season. The future is always an unknown time. That says a lot, for words which have hope and a little insecurity. This is our situation as we plan for the coming season. Heraclitus has said “a person cannot cross the same river twice”. In other words, there is nothing stable in life besides change; holds true for us as well.

The winds of change are blowing against us and preparing has been quite the challenge for the council lately, one big challenge being Michael’s departure to Finland and the preparations that go along with this.

There are a lot of familiar activities in store for the season and maybe some new ideas as well. Considering the resources of the congregation, we will try to realize our vision for the congregation. Our vision is for a “living congregation that inspires interest from the community”.

I am happy about the active participation of our congregation in our activities increasing interest to take part in volunteer work. God has given us all different talents to use and wants us to use them. Jesus says in a parable that it is not the purpose to keep these talents hidden. If we give these gifts to use, He has promised to amplify them. Good words of favor are a good example of this. Six people have already joined in to sponsor our lunches and one lunch sponsorship is about $150. The congregation has earned on average three times this per lunch. This is how God uses our talents.

I have strong trust in God’s plan, which he has for our congregation, and I believe our congregation has faith in realizing it. God’s grace and love be with us all as we serve Him and one another.