Good news from a quietly lived summer
This fall season will clearly begin at a slower pace than in previous years. The cause for that continues to be still regrettably high Covid19 infection rate as well as strict restrictions for foreigners entering the country. But fortunately, we have good news as well.
As a benefit for the congregation and myself, and the years’ best news is that we will be getting some help on the employee side. At the request of the council, Sami Ettanen has agreed to join our pastor team on voluntary basis and his wife Tarja will be heading our new mission operation “Neighbor Care”. This will happen once the Ettanen couple returns to Florida. The time of their return depends on the travel restrictions imposed by the government.
The Finnish side of the congregation has come to know Sami and Tarja well over the last couple of years, as they have been actively involved in the planning and participation of our church activities. The couples’ powerful drive to serve and the hard work they have done have not gone unnoticed. The involvement of the Ettanen’s as well as other new wonderful people, has been another proof to myself, how God can answer our prayers more abundantly than we can hope for. For long, we have prayed individually and in our prayer groups, that we would receive more help to our evangelism team here locally, and God has heard our prayers. You can read more about Sami and Tarja from the article below.
The contents of this Newsletter once again tell us how the story of St. Andrew’s congregation is not just a random story, but how it is closely linked to much vaster plan of God. In this number you will be able to read from various different places around the world.
Passionate traveler and history hobbyist, Timo Vainionpää, takes us down the path of the Apostle Paul’s footsteps in Turkey to a beautiful lake and mountainous scene. From our home Finland we have some book news. Our long time member Peter Makila, has released a biography of his life. We can read news from Esko Hulkkonen’s daughter, Lea Peters, and her spiritually nourishing greeting from a very challenging mission field in Burundi, and we will become familiar with international “Tentmaker” Ari Rocklin. Local news will be conveyed by our new columnist, Pirjo-Leena Koskinen.
I invite you along, my friend, on this journey together. Coming together as a congregation blesses, it brings joy, peace, and encouragement. If you cannot come to the church, you can participate via the internet or prayer.

“For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matt. 7:8)

Armfuls of blessings to everyone!

Pastor Mia