E-Log Newsletter | November 9, 2017
Rector's Corner
Fall is quite a busy time at St. Andrew's! There have been numerous fun celebrations, social gatherings and special liturgies that have allowed us to express ourselves as the unique Body of Christ that we are. As I study our parish calendar, it looks like things will continue to be busy into the holiday season.

St. Andrew's Disipleship Program
St. Andrew's Discipleship program is in full swing! Discipleship packets will be available for pick-up this coming Sunday at coffee hours after each service. In the next several weeks, you can expect to receive a follow-up call from a volunteer who will extend care, update your demographic information and invite your participation. Our treasurer, Mark Gargett, preached on Sunday and encouraged "100% participation" from all parishioners and invited previous pledgers to consider a 10% increase to help balance our budget. We encourage everyone to "pay forward" so that future generations can experience the life and vitality of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.

I encourage everyone to make a proportional gift of time, talent and treasure to help fulfill our mission. It is important for me to do what I am inviting you to consider. Therefore I pledge 10% of my gross income from all sources to support our parish. My 2018 pledge will be $10,000. I will pay this pledge monthly through automatic deductions from my checking account.

Diocesan Convention 
I was blessed to attend the 2017 Convention of the Diocese of Olympia the last weekend of October in Vancouver, Washington. Your elected delegates were Kari Adams-Lee (lead delegate), Mike Hicks, Cricket Farr, Ross TenEyk-McDowell, Rachel Herbert and Caleb Hege. What a wonderful bunch! We heard about a new vision for the Diocese of Olympia that is summarized by the following statement.

"In union with our Bishop, the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, part of the Jesus Movement, bears witness to God's redemptive reign and acts out God's inclusive love, peace and justice, uniquely living out this call within our specific local communities."

Since the diocesan structure is being changed to support each local parish in its unique mission, it is time for us to begin reflecting on what is special about St. Andrew's. In other words, what is our unique call as part of the Jesus Movement? With that in mind, after our next Annual Meeting, we will begin a process of courageous visioning and mission discernment at St. Andrew's. All will be invited to participate in this important process. You will hear more about this in coming months.

I am grateful to be part of this exciting time at St. Andrew's. I am most grateful for all of you who support my leadership and our work together, to build up the Body of Christ. Thank you!

Your brother in Christ,
The Reverend Richard C Weyls+

Sass and Soul at the Center - This Friday
Friday, November 10, 2017 
Doors open at 7:00 p.m., music starts at 7:30 p.m.

You won't want to miss this! Local singers, Frank Anderson and LaVon Hardison, with a great instrumental ensemble, will bring us a celebratory evening of Sass and Soul at The Center and a party in Center style. The sass and soul of these singers is contagious! In their presence it's hard not to smile, move to the rhythm, or get up and dance!
All seats are reserved. Patron Support of $150 includes two seats; individual seats $40 each. Register online by clicking on "Donation," at the church, or by regular mail. Checks to St. Andrew's. Note "Center Fundraiser."

Seat Reservations Still Available -
Reserve Now! 

Stand with our Neighbors: Field Trips
An Invitation to Café con El Centro on Beacon Hill; 2524 16th Avenue South, Seattle
Thursday, Dec. 7, 8:00 - 9:00 p.m.   Join Us for Café con El Centro, the first Thursday of the month and especially on December 7 with other folks from St. Andrew's and OneWorld. El Centro de la Raza, the Center for People of All Races, is a non-profit located in Beacon Hill that provides services in a culturally competent manner to Latino and other low-income families and individuals of all ages, so that they may develop self-sustainability and may more fully participate in society. We would like to invite you to Café con El Centro for café (coffee generously donated by Starbucks), pan dulce and a tour of our building and programs. See what we're doing to build our "Beloved Community" and how you can join us. 

We will have a simple carpooling arrangement from St. Andrew's. Please RSVP by emailing
thecenter@saintandrewsseattle.org or Tere Burciaga, theresaburciaga@msn.com.

El Centro de la Raza (The Center for People of All Races) 
2524 16th Avenue South - Seattle, WA 98144  

Future Field Trips:
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 (7:00 - 9:00 p.m.): A Mosque visit to the Muslim Association of Puget Sound. 17550 NE 67th Court, Redmond, WA 
Continuing Spiritual Journey
Continues 1st and 3rd Mondays throughout the program year, 7:00-8:30 p.m., Chapel
Next meeting of this opportunity to delve into Fr. Thomas Keating's presentation of the Christian contemplative tradition is Monday, November 20. Facilitated by Sue Kraemer, longtime centering prayer practitioner. Each evening will include a time of centering prayer, a DVD segment, and a brief sharing. 
Fall Sunday Forum  November 12, 2017: The Theology of Abundance (Rich Weyls) 
This forum has been postponed. Please look for an announcement about its rescheduling for a later date.

November 19, 2017: Inc. (formerly The Women's Incubator Project) (Marlene Mejia Weiss, co-Executive  and Outreach Facilitator) The Inc. is a unique neighborhood workspace with onsite flexible and affordable childcare located on the lower level of St. Andrew's. As flagship program of the local nonprofit, Women's Business Incubator, The Inc.'s mission is to foster a positive, child-friendly workplace culture that inspires connection, confidence and growth for parents at any stage of their career development or entrepreneurial journey. Please join us to learn more about this innovative model for working parents with young children in Seattle. Presenter: Marlene Majia Weiss, Inc. Co-Executive Director and Outreach Facilitator. For more details go to http://www.theinccoworking.org/en .

November 26, 2017 (Sharon Wilson and JB Hoover):
Protecting Our Climate System: How's it going? What can I do?  St. Andrew's parishioners JB Hoover and Sharon Wilson will bring us up-to-date on climate science, effects of altered climate and recommended actions - all based on recent training with the Climate Reality Project.  This is God's creation and people that are suffering.  We are all called to respond.
Labyrinth Visitors 
This year the Labyrinth Society's Annual Gathering was held the weekend of October 27-29 at Island Wood on Bainbridge Island. On  Monday, October 30, one final activity, led by our labyrinth designer Dan Niven, was a tour of a few Seattle labyrinths. At Dan's suggestion, St. Andrew's was chosen for the tour. Twenty-seven labyrinth enthusiasts from all over the U.S., as well as the UK and Australia, descended upon our lovely space. Donna Hawkins,  St. Andrew's Labyrinth Facilitator greeted them and gave a bit of history of our Sacred Grounds. St. Andrew's commitment to being good stewards of the environment includes providing a place in nature to nurture our spiritual practices and to welcoming people from our neighborhood and beyond. The visitors were both appreciative and enthusiastic about our labyrinth and its beautiful setting.

The week before we had a "Celtic Labyrinth Walk," attended by eight people on a lovely autumn afternoon. Colorful leaves scattered over the labyrinth seemed to reflect the sunlight that warmed our walk.

The labyrinth is always there awaiting your walk! The Rev Dr. Lauren Artress says the labyrinth is a spiritual tool that " reduces stress, quiets the mind and opens the heart. It is a walking meditation, a path of prayer, and a blue-print where psyche meets Spirit."  Look for opportunities to find out more about labyrinth spirituality or contact Donna Hawkins, St. Andrew's Labyrinth Facilitator.

All are Welcome at The Center 
Children & Youth
Director's Corner 
We've been trying out some new things this Fall and now that we're about two months in I'd like to give you an update and some reflections. With Children's Church we've been having the kids begin in service and then process out to their classes. I like that families are able to enter service together instead of splitting up at the beginning with an added drop-off for parents. It also feels like the children are better incorporated into the service in that they are bookended into the service, have their parallel lessons, and then are able to rejoin for communion. As far as the procession is concerned it definitely needs refinement. We're still working out the kinks liturgically. Thanks for your patience with this one.

As far as their classes are concerned, they've been going wonderfully. A typical Children's Church begins with a gathering time of coloring or activity sheets while they check-in and share from their previous week. They then head into a game or activity that points to and leads into one of the lessons. They end with free time or organized games. As an educator each of these elements helps meet our goals. The activities and lessons give each class an age-appropriate connection to the Gospel or one of the other Scriptures that the adults are reading, which can be a wonderful discussion opener for parents and other parishioners. It opens a door for the question, "What did you do this morning?" and then each can share how they learned about the passage. The play element of class is crucial for this younger age. Forming friendship and associating the worshiping community with fun is formative for faith because it teaches that they belong to this community and that it is a place to enjoy. All that to say, our curriculum has been going well and I'm proud of our teachers.

Another change we've been trying is the shared gathering time with the Middle School and High School Youth Groups. Just to be clear, they have not been combined, which some parents were concerned about. They simply meet at the same time (especially for the convenience of parents who have children in both middle and high school), have a brief time for announcements and a shared activity, and then they split up into their respective groups for a time to check-in and dive in to their lessons and discussion. I'd still love to hear more feedback about how this is going. So far, from what I've seen and heard though, it's been going great! For starters, the time change for middle school has been much better. Last year when they met during service there was regularly one or two students and sometimes none. During our new times slot for these first four gatherings we've had roughly eight middle schoolers and eight high schoolers. With the addition of five or six leaders, we've filled out the Youth Room nicely. Having 18-20 has provided a critical mass which has led to a lively environment and fruitful discussions when we break up. One of our reasons for having the 10 or 20 minutes of shared time for announcements and an activity at the beginning has been to make some connections between the two groups. One concern was that the older kids wouldn't want to spend time with the younger kids but those who I've talked with directly have said they enjoy the shared time. I did have a parent directly express concern about this so we're considering not having the shared time except for announcements. We're still open to feedback so please let me know what you think. Again, so far it seems to be going well but please don't hesitate to chime in and let me know directly what you think, I'd love to get some more feedback on this one!

All and all those are the major changes that we've been working on. I'd like to work out the liturgical kinks for our procession to Children's Church, but other than that, I'm really proud of what our teachers are doing with the curriculum, and Youth Group has been a lot of fun! I've really enjoyed each of our four gatherings since September, attendance has been good, Megan (our intern) has been doing an excellent job leading our Middle School group, and the youth are asking good questions and engaging our faith. Let me know how you and your families are doing and what you think about these things, I'd love to hear from you! And come out to the Teacher/Leader Meet & Greet if you're able this Sunday,
Jordan Uomoto, MDIV
Director of Faith Formation for Children & Youth

Teacher/Leader Meet & Greet And Check-In (this Sunday - November 12)
We're almost two months into the school year and it's time for check-in. You're invited to meet all our Children's Church teachers, Youth Group leaders, and Faith Formation Council members who are available this Sunday, November 12 after the 10 a.m. service in the Parish Hall. This is an opportunity for parents and parishioners to meet our leaders, match a name to a face, ask questions and learn about what we do. We'll all have on hats and name tags so that you can identify us. Schools often have a "curriculum night" around this time of the year, this will be similar. We'd love to share what's been going on and receive feedback from you all. Please come and talk to us during Coffee Hour after the 10:00 a.m. service.

Teachers and Leadership introductions and Bios
Over the next few This LOGs I'd like to introduce the individuals who are teaching and leading our children and youth. In this issue, please meet some of our people who volunteer their time working with your youth.

Wayne Smith is a a youth leader for the middle school youth group returning for his second year. Before working with middle school youth, Wayne was a leader for the 3rd through 5th grade group. Wayne is a vestry member, serves as a lay reader and lay eucharistic minister, and is in his final year of the Education for Ministry program. He's been an engineer at Boeing for the last 21 years. Hobbies include model railroading, amateur radio, and playing video games (loves Stardew Valley). Wayne states that "it's a real blessing to work with the youth of St. Andrew's!"
Caleb Hege has joined the Youth Group Leadership team as a Middle School Youth Group Advisor/Helper. Besides his work with youth group, he is active in the church through his involvement with  Tech Team and Convention Delegate (2- year term). Caleb has lived in Seattle two years, having moved here with his family from North Carolina. I used to live on the East Coast in North Carolina where he helped youth groups for a couple of years in his previous church. Caleb l
oves the path that our church is headed in. 

Sarah Sliker is an alumnus of the St. Andrew's junior and senior youth groups. Since her time in youth group, she has gone to college at George Washington University for systems engineering, been around the world (literally). She has recently started a full time job with Hitachi Consulting as a Data Services Consultant. In her free time Sarah caters weddings and events with a small catering company on Camano Island. Her passions are reading, travel, cooking and dreaming about the next country she will visit. Sarah is excited to be back with the St. Andrew's community and can't wait to create more memories.
Matthew Cauble graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial and Systems engineering. After college he, along with three friends, co-founded Soylent, a meal replacement drink sold online. He left Soylent in 2016, moved from Los Angeles to Seattle and was baptized at St. Andrews on June 4, 2017. Matthew started the Silly Hat Saturday movement to encourage friends and family to commune in joyful laughter, spreading love to all.
Christy Lommers joined St. Andrews in the fall of 2015. She is a teacher at Hazel Wolf K-8 and is married to Todd Lommers. She and Todd have two boys, Max, age 11, and Theo, age 14. When not teaching, she spends time cheering on her kid' at their sporting events. She also bakes an occasional birthday or wedding cake, snowboards if the snow is perfect and goes hiking with her family.
Ellen Kee has been helping Jordan with the high school youth group for one year. Originally from Chicago, she lived in Spain and France for six years before coming to Seattle and starting her career in e-commerce. She'll be getting married on November 25 and lives in Mountlake Terrace with my fiance Sean.
Wreath/Chinook Fundraiser (10/21-11/12)
Our Wreath and Chinook Book Fundraiser for our youth is coming to a close but there's still time to place an order - either this coming Sunday, November 12, or the following Sunday, November 19. There are four types of wreaths available : circular wreaths, door swag, center pieces, and garlands. Wreaths and greenery will be available for pick up on Dec 2nd (10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.) and Dec 3rd (9a.m. - 1 p.m.). All proceeds go toward youth programming, including the summer mission trip.

The Chinook coupons are great and support local and environmentally friendly businesses. The wreaths smell great, look great and make for great gifts! So make sure you talk to one of our high schoolers or check out our table during Coffee Hour!
JYC (Junior Youth Conference) - November 17-19, 2017 JYC is a Middle School Retreat that our Diocese puts on. The theme for the Fall JYC is Outside the Box. It will be held at St Margaret's in Bellevue. Click Here to read more information and to register.

Middle School Retreat (January 12-14, 2018)
This is the highlight of the year for our Middle Schoolers! Every year our Middle School Youth Group joins with other Episcopal Churches from around Seattle and the Eastside for this retreat. I can't recommend it enough! We go to Miracle Ranch where there is horseback riding, paintball, a ropes course, great food, great games, and more. The youth ministers who lead the weekend do an amazing job of planning the programming, the discussions, and all the details. If you could only go to one event out of the whole year I'd recommend that you make space for this one. More details and the registration form are forthcoming, but until then, put this weekend in your calendar.
all better and spending time with the Youth at St. Andrew's!  

Next Youth Group
Our next youth group meeting is scheduled for November 19th. We'll continue our series on Testimony and Christian Story. At our last gathering HS talked about MLK Jr and MS about Mother Teresa.  
Want to read more?  Email Jordan Uomoto if you'd like to be added to the Children & Youth Newsletter.

Ways to get involved at St. Andrew's
Jubilee Dinner: Our next monthly Jubilee outreach meal will be held on Sunday November 26 at 2 pm in the Parish Hall. If you would like to help with this meal, just check in at the kitchen on that Sunday.
thanksgiving-dinner.jpg Thanksgiving Service and Potluck Meal
On Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd we will have a service at 10 am followed by our annual traditional Thanksgiving Feast . The church will provide the turkeys (cooked by the Hege family) and you are invited to bring all the trimmings. Lunch will be served at approximately 11:45 am. Mark your calendars and plan to join the church family as we celebrate and give thanks for all we have been given! For planning purposes and setup, there is a signup sheet at the Welcome Table.

Showcase is located next to the nursery in the Parish Hall and is open most Sunday mornings during the program year, selling many treasurers at bargain prices. All proceeds go to the general budget of St. Andrew's.
Matthew 25 Ministries 
Bring your empty prescription bottles to the Welcome Table and place them in the container marked Matthew 25. These bottles are scrubbed and sent away to be filled with medical needs of people living in third world countries. For more information, about this ministry you can contact Mike Cook at michal.cook5235@gmail.com
Family Works Foodbank 
Many thanks to everyone who so generously supports the Family Works Food Bank throughout the year. During the month of November and December we will be asking for items to fill the tables of those in need with typical foods you might find on your own holiday tables, including canned vegetables and fruits, potatoes, cranberries, olives, pickles, and stuffing mixes.
Host Coffee Hour 
We are still looking for coffee hosts for our December and January coffee hours following the 10:00 a.m. service. Just bring a few treats, put on your best smile and meet new people as you pour their beverages. Creation Keepers will supply the clean-up help if you use the ceramic cups. Sign-up sheets can be found at the Welcome Table on Sunday mornings. Thank you to all for being so willing to serve in this ministry of hospitality! 
2018 Flower and Sanctuary Candle Charts
Flower and sanctuary candle charts are now out for the 2018. Sunday flowers are $50.00 and the candle is $5.00. This is a nice way to support the beauty of the church while remembering loved ones and celebrating special occasions 
Your prayers are asked for our shut ins and continued healing and strength for those of our parish who are ill. We especially ask you to remember this week: Suzie Bradshaw, Scot Crawford, Ruth Adams, Judy Madison, Jan Viguers, Margo Smith, Patricia Bryant, Sven & Bernie Couch, Marilyn L'Esperance, Kathy Franklin, Peter Hudson, Carole Sassaman, Nathan Novak, Rosa Ebsary, Tucker Sparkman, Georgiana Nielsen, Glenn Sassaman, Gerry Soike, Pat Seaman, Angie Sangston, Al Campbell, Connie Campbell, Joe Waltz, Audrey Hicks and Wells Henley. 
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