The Second Sunday After Pentecost
Sunday, June 19th
CLERGY AND STAFF OUT NEXT WEEK: Canon Bradshaw is attending a conference, then taking a vacation. She will be out this Sunday, June 19th and the following Sunday, the 26th, She will return on July 3rd. Jessica Nelson will be away this Sunday at the Association of Anglican Musicians Conference in Richmond, VA and will return next Sunday, June 26th.
Serve at Stewpot Sunday
The Cathedral is serving food at Stewpot on Sunday, and everyone’s invited to help! We’ll be gathering in the Parish Hall kitchen to prepare at 10:30, but 10:30 service attendees can still join after to help transport the food and serve. Come be a part of this vital ministry as we continue to strive to be the Cathedral that serves its city!
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Lay Eucharistic Visitors
“In the Name of this congregation we send you forth bearing these Holy gifts … ” Each Sunday we say these words together as we give the sacrament to our LEVs to carry from the church to our members who are unable to come to the building. It gives those to whom we go a sense that they are still a part of our body of Christ in this place. It is a chance to receive the sacrament but it is also a grace-filled sign of belonging. If you would like to be a part of this vital and life-giving ministry, contact The Rev. Deacon Sara Stripp at
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Theology and Literature
Our discussion of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations concludes this Sunday. After this we will go on hiatus until late August. We are taking suggestions for books to cover next year - send yours to Robert Hauberg if you have one! We will meet in person this Sunday, but participants may also join via Zoom
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Ponder Anew!
Cathedral Organist and Choirmaster Jessica Nelson is the editor of Church Publishing’s Ponder Anew: Conversations in 21st Century Church Music, a book of essays, interviews, and sermons about developments in 21st century church music and the evolving role of the musician in parish ministry. Ponder Anew comes out in July and is available for pre-order now at
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Donate Flowers
Please make a donation in any amount to our Flower Guild as a memorial or in thanksgiving for your loved ones or simply out of love for your Cathedral. Send your contribution to St. Andrew’s Cathedral, P.O. Box 1366, Jackson, MS 39215-1366. To donate, contact Laurie McCarley at
St. Andrew's Shop
Did you know you can get all your Cathedral swag from the comfort of your own couch? Our new online store is at, where you can pick up hats, tees, sweatshirts, and more! We’ll mail them right to you, or you can pick up at the Cathedral to save on shipping.
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