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April 2021
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Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.
-Martin Luther

Dear St. Andrew's Family,

Here we are approaching Easter, that time of rebirth that comes each Spring and reminds us of the great gift and the great sacrifice made by our Savior so we might have everlasting life. Easter brings us hope and joy and all the glorious signs of Spring’s new growth everywhere. Let us use every moment of this new beginning to share His word and love.

Many blessings to all this Easter season!
Special Messages from Special people
From Our Rector

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope and pray that you have enjoyed a blessed Holy Week so far. As we await the hope and joy of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, I write to you to share news of another resurrection - the 8:00 a.m. Sunday Eucharist in our beloved chapel.

Starting on The Third Sunday of Easter, April 18th, 2021, we will resume Sunday morning services in the chapel. It has been over a year since St. Andrew's has had an "in-person" Sunday service in her chapel. It will be a momentous day.

All of our Diocesan mandated protocols are still in place. Unfortunately, our COVID-19 protocols will still strain this service in many ways. Primarily because of our requirement to socially distance ourselves, our seating capacity is limited to around 24 persons max. We will still be required to wear masks, and we will still be sending out service sign-up spreadsheets so we may know how many people to expect.

Over a year into this pandemic life, I do want to belabor and burden you with more reminders of the rules. They are there, they are essential, and I trust you to follow them, and I will happily tell you when any are removed from our lives.

I understand our COVID-19 protocols are an inconvenience to our lives. They are not fun. My hope and prayer are that we may even begin to see some of our protocols reduced before we resume chapel services. But I believe it better to be inconvenienced than separated.

Now, let us all prepare to celebrate the most incredible day, the day of his Son our Lord's resurrection, and the day of our redemption! Happy Easter!

May God be with you,


Our world is filled with chaos and a hurried state of commotion. We reward
busyness as if always working and achieving are the main factors of a well-lived life. We tend to elevate those who have given everything to gain success. If we get tired, we are weak. To rest instead of work is to be lazy or selfish. As
believers in Christ we’re living in a society whose morals do not always match
that of God. We often times have to adjust our personal perspective in our life,
seeking time with God whenever and however we can find it.

I believe that we need time alone with our God, away from the busyness of the
world. We are created to seek God in solitude. Jesus modeled this idea
throughout his ministry. For example, in Luke 5:15-16, it says, “…and great
crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities. But he would
withdraw to desolate places and pray.” Or in Matthew 14:23, “…after he had
dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When
evening came, he was there alone.” It seems to me, If Jesus needed time alone with the Father, you and I most certainly do.

Solitude is critical in our pursuit of a deeper relationship with God. What would a friendship be like if you always spent time together in large groups rather than time with just the two of you? Each Sunday, we file through the church doors to meet God in a public and corporate setting. Our God loves corporate worship to be sure. However, a deep and reverent relationship with God needs solitude, a “secret place.” It is in that secret place that we learn what our Heavenly Father is really like. “But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your father who sees in secret will reward you.” (Matthew 6:6)

Without solitude, our faith is often stressed to hear what God is revealing to you. If you need someone to listen, it is in solitude that you most profoundly will
discover the listening ear of God. If you need a friend, you will find it through the Holy Spirit that will never leave you, hurt you, or mislead you.

Chuck Ingersoll
Rain or Shine, St. Andrew's shows up for Christian Cupboard!

Thank you to all the members of Christ's body who are St. Andrews for your generosity in contributing to the Pack the Pickup food drive for the Christian Cupboard. Together we donated 914 pounds of food to the Christian Cupboard. The volunteers who met us, said this- "Tell everyone THANKS. The Christian Cupboard is important to the community and people like y'all are important to the Cupboard. We couldn't do it without you."
-Nancy & Arlynn Hartfiel 
On Good Friday, offerings are invited from across The Episcopal Church to provide meaningful support to the four dioceses in the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Here at St. Andrew’s, we will be taking up this offering on Maundy Thursday. If you would like to donate to this meaningful cause, please note "Good Friday Offering" in the memo lines of checks. Thank you.
The Way of the Cross: Free Video & Reflection Guide from Virginia Theological Seminary

The Way of the Cross, or more commonly known as Stations of the Cross are a common Lenten prayer tradition in the Episcopal Church. “The devotion known as the Way of the Cross is an adaptation of a custom widely observed by pilgrims to Jerusalem: the offering of prayer at a series of places in that city traditionally associated with our Lord’s passion and death.” We hope you may find the video and discussion guide of spiritual value as you journey through this season in Lent.

Click here for the free video

Click here for the Discussion Guide
Dear Parishioners, in expectation of a larger attendance for the 10:30 service on Easter Sunday, we will be adding more seating areas inside the sanctuary.  If necessary, McKeogh Hall will be open with extra seating. There, we will have the service displayed on our projection screen. Please know that anyone who attends the service inside McKeogh Hall will still receive communion inside the church sanctuary. At the appropriate time in the service, an usher will escort parishioners into the church so that all may receive Holy Communion.

We look forward to seeing all of you on Easter Sunday!
Alleluia to our Risen Lord!
The Easter Flowers are given 
to the Glory of God: 

  • in thanksgiving for St. Andrew's parish and for a lifetime of love, family and friends by Lou Dagel
  • in thanksgiving for my wonderful father Gil Merkle, and in loving memory of my incredible mother Sue Merkle by Lori Merkle-Ford
  • in loving memory of Benton Donegan by Mary Louise Donegan
  • in thanksgiving for our many blessings by Chris and Pam Krippner
  • in thanksgiving for St. Andrew's Vestry and Staff by the Shortess Family
  • in thanksgiving for Parents and Grandparents and in loving memory of Virginia and Charles Ingersoll, Jr.; Elizabeth and Clarence H Luedemann by Melinda, Chuck, and Ashley Ingersoll
  • in loving memory of my mother who loved Easter by Robin and Bill Walker
  • in loving memory of Gordon, Betty, Mable, Richard, Arthur McInnis, Marcelle, William Tom Doughty, William J. Doughty, Mildred (Mamil), Odin Toness, Sandra, John G. and Rena Steel and family, Corra Doughty and family, Joe and Jackie Bird, John R. Roberts, and David Bates by Alex and Sue McInnis
  • in loving memory of my parents and my stepson by Jackie Ball
  • in loving memory of my parents Charles and Virginia Ingersoll by Chuck Ingersoll
  • in thanksgiving for Margarita Russell by the Gaytans
  • in loving memory of Roy L. Martinson by Marty and Don Keil and Helen Martinson
  • in thanksgiving for the family of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church by Marty and Don Keil and Helen Martinson
  • in thanksgiving for Ethan, Spencer and Aly Baker by Jack and Jan Baker
  • in loving memory of Daryl Richey by Joyce and Don Richey
  • in thanksgiving for our many blessings by Joyce and Don Richey

The Easter Lilies are given
to the Glory of God:
  • in loving memory of Dudley Jr. and Agnes Baker by Jack and Jan Baker
  • in loving memory of Dudley D. Baker, III by Jack and Jan Baker
  • in loving memory of those who have died this year by the Gustafsons
  • in thanksgiving by Marty and Don Keil and Helen Martinson
  • in thanksgiving for my wife Melinda and my daughter Ashley by Chuck Ingersoll
  • in thanksgiving for blessings by Jackie Ball
  • in thanksgiving for Sheila, Connor, Abby, Alexander, Shellie, Alexis, Tita and Family, Yvonne and Family, Ricky, Rena and Dwayne and Family, and Don and Glee by Alex and Sue McInnis
  • in thanksgiving for Holly, Kelly, Lauren, Matt, Lindsey and Leslie by Linda Lynn
  • in loving memory of Dennis and Baby Kelly by Linda Lynn
  • in thanksgiving for being back in our church together to celebrate the resurrection by Kelly Follis
  • in loving memory of my mother Joella Mitchell Morris by Carlotta Morris Coffman
  • in loving memory of my husband Bill Hunter by Joanne H. Hunter
  • in loving memory of my grandson Owen Keddal by Joanne H. Hunter
  • in loving memory of James, Pam and Suzanne by Jeanene Smith
  • in thanksgiving for all our blessings from our Lord by Al and Janice Pruitt
  • in thanksgiving for Covid-19 Vaccinations by Darrell and Cassie Huck
  • in loving memory of John M. Willis, Jr., and John M. Willis, III by Joyce K. Lee
  • in loving memory of John T. Lee by Joyce K. Lee
  • in loving memory of Daryl Richey by Joyce K. Lee
  • in thanksgiving for Joyce and Don Richey by Joyce K. Lee
  • in loving memory of Joe and Birdie Rubac, Robert and Anna Meischen, RJ and Willow Roeder, Donald Peters, Ed Crocker, and Ben Meischen by Randy and Deanna Roeder and Family
  • in thanksgiving for all the blessings God has bestowed on us and our families by Anne and Nick Costas
  • in loving memory of all our family members who taught and showed us about Christ our Lord by Anne and Nick Costas
  • in thanksgiving for life by Ellen and Larry Stone
  • in loving memory of our parents: John Willis, John Lee, Charlie and Lorraine Richey; and in thanksgiving for our mother, Joyce Lee, by Don and Joyce Richey
  • in loving memory of brother John Willis and friend Eleanor Moore by Joyce and Don Richey
  • in thanksgiving for our upstairs technicians and musicians by Joyce and Don Richey
  • in loving memory of Donald, Leonora, and Frances by Margaret Taylor
  • in loving memory of Owen Keddal by Sally and Mark Keddal

Please pick up your lily after services- Thank you.
Easter, April 4, 2021
The church office will be closed Easter Monday, April 5th. We will reopen Tuesday, April 6th at 9 am. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter.
Downtown History Walk – Saturday, April 10 at 10:30 AM

St. Andrew’s members of all ages are invited to meet at the garden for a downtown history walk on Saturday, April 10th at 10:30 AM. Our own Marty Keil will lead the walk to
teach us about nearby historical site after Dorothy Bauer gives us a history lesson on our own Chapel.
Trade Days are coming!!!

Mark April 24th on your calendars because St. Andrew's will have a booth at the Trade Days this year! We need volunteers to help run it though, so sign up today to give us a hand! We need 2 people per hour long shift. We'll have bookmark color sets to pass out, along with St. Andrew's postcards, as long as they last. If you are interested in volunteering, click here to sign up!

If you are a part of the tech team click the link above to assign yourself a piece of equipment for the 10:30 am service on a Sunday or two. If you would like to be part of the St. Isidore Guild Contact Aaryn, Gil, or Charlene.
Anyone interested in helping with maintenance in the Community Garden Contact Alan Cockerell. Thank you for your help to keep our campus beautiful!
It's Bar-B-Que time!!! The Guadalupe Valley Christian Counseling Center will host their annual BBQ fundraiser this Sunday, April 25th at Faith Lutheran Church from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. A ticket will get you 1/2 a BBQ chicken through the drive thru!!! Tickets are $8 or you can purchase at the window. Contact Claudia Gaytan to get your tickets!

Twelve Step Recovery

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meets at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the Youth House on Crockett Street.
April Schedule

(Beginning April 18th) 8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist, Rite II

9:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist, Rite II
(Prayer Garden or McKeogh Hall)

10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist, Rite II
(Church and live stream)


10:30 a.m. Women's Bible Study group
(McKeogh Hall)

12:00 p.m. Holy Eucharist, Rite II


8:00 a.m. The Brotherhood of St. Andrew's-Men's Bible Study group
(McKeogh Hall)

If you are uncomfortable with physical return, you can still be spiritually present with us by joining us via live stream! CLICK ON ONE OF THE IMAGES BELOW to join us virtually on Sundays at 10:30 am as we worship Our Lord. All services are available any time after that on Facebook (click on Video tab), YouTube, and our web page under Sermons.
Pledges, Tithes, and Offerings
Ways to Give

Please consider donating to St. Andrew's by one of the options listed below.

  1. Click the "DONATE NOW" button at the bottom of this message
  2. Visit the Donate page on our website
  3. Set up bill pay with your bank
  4. Mail a check
  5. Drop off your check in our mail slot located in the window to the right of the office door.

Thank you for your help to fund the mission and ministry of St. Andrew's
Phased Reopening Guidelines
Reopen 1
Dear St. Andrew's Family,

Below you will find information regarding our worship opportunities and our safety requirements for the church. We have a responsibility to report this information to you, and we ask that you do your best to review the material.  Please know that your Office Staff has full trust in your love for your fellow congregant and that it is apparent in your actions that you have treated these guidelines as a covenant of love for your worshipping neighbor.  

As a reminder these are some of the requirements:

  1. All people over the age of 10 must wear a mask covering nose and mouth.
  2. Please remember to social distance. DON'T SIT ON THE BLUE TAPE IN THE PEWS.
  3. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.

When making the decision about whether to return for in-person worship or not, the new, vestry and diocesan approved guidelines Plan for Phased Reopening: Phase 2(b) will help you know what to expect and consider how this experience will be different from the last time you were here. 

In order to avoid disrupting the live-stream video and audio, we ask that everyone be in your seats no later than 10 minutes before the beginning of the service. Use those 10 minutes to thank God for your life and health, to listen to the prelude, and to otherwise prepare
yourself for worship.
April 4-
9:00 am-
Gerry Richardson
10:30 am-
Barbara Upper

April 11-
9:00 am-
Colin Spencer- Dibble

10:30 am-
Mark Williams

April 18-
9:00 am-
Gary Bethel

10:30 am-
Susan Rinn

April 25-
9:00 am-
Lanie McCown

10:30 am-
Chuck Ingersoll
April 4
Mary Louise Donegan
Joyce Richey
Linda Lynn
Holly Modl

April 11-
Dorothy Bauer
Martha Bruns
Ann Ramsey
Marty Keil
Linda Williams
Jackie Ball

April 18
Lynnette Jackson
Kelly Olson
George Ann Fuqua
Theresa Casey

April 25
Betty Anderson
Mozzelle Dempster
Sandy Merrell
April 4-
10:30 am-
Bill & Robin Walker

April 11-
10:30 am-
Margaret Taylor
Jackie Ball

April 18-
10:30 am-
Paul & Claudia Gaytan

April 25-
10:30 am-
Pam & Wayne Roitsch
Daisies are the birth-flowers for April. Daisies symbolize innocence and purity.

Amy Bethel– April 3
Mark Gustafson- April 4
Tracy Donley- April 5
Wayne Beeman- April 6
Sally Swope- April 7
Debbie Pezzuto- April 8
Ben Gustafson- April 10
Kaelin Casey- April 11
Cynthia Lindleyl- April 11
Tim Schmidt- April 11
Nate Aubin- April 12
Audrey Herron- April 12
Brendon Olson- April 13
John Donley- April 14
Debbie Norris- April 14
Mason Roeder- April 16
Fran Libbe- April 17
Cindy Moore-April 18
Mike Pezzuto- April 19
Peyton Strauss- April 21
Lauren Smith- April 22
Sandy Merrell- April 27
Dorothy Bauer- April 28
Amy Nelson- April 29
Bill Walker Jr. April 29


Brandon & Charlene Vardeman- April 6
Mark Dibble & Jennifer Spencer- April 8
Ronald & Laurene Irwin- April 12
Houston & Cindy Moore- April 20
Al & Janice Pruitt- April 29
If you have a birthday or anniversary in April and it's not listed, please call the Parish Office and leave a message for Charlene to add it
to the list.
Vestry Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2021

·        Opening Prayer: Fr. Stephen Shortess

·        Present: Rev. Stephen Shortess; Sr. Warden Don Richey; Jr. Warden Alan Cockerell; Secretary Kelly Follis; Treasurer Chuck Ingersoll; Chancellor Paul Gaytan; Mark Keddal, Ellen Stone, Mark Dibble, Susan Rinn

o  Absent: Lauren Smith, Chris Krippner

·        Presentation by Chancellor Paul Gaytan Regarding COVID Protocol – Governor’s removal of mask mandate hasn’t changed anything. The Bishop’s order is to maintain current standards. Clearly no books are allowed unless change them out because it is clearly stated that any handouts must be changed out of pews between services. If chapel reopens the capacity must be enforced at 20 people. Insurance may not cover COVID cases. Paul believes we can open but we’d have to follow the guidelines. Paul will speak with diocesan chancellor for further clarification.

§ Stephen extended thanks to Lauren Smith who called the 30 to 40 people who attend 8 o’clock. Survey results are that they want to come back to that service in the Chapel.

·        Approval of February’s Minutes: Don moved; Ellen seconded. All in favor

·        Rector’s Report – Fr. Stephen

o  Audit Committee – John Upper (yes), Racer Yoemans?, Wayne Roitch?, Dave Libbe? 
o  Stewardship – Barbara Allen (ran stewardship for the Diocese of Texas), Susan Rinn, Don Richey, Chuck Ingersoll; Chuck Ingersoll need to phase out due to need for independence from other duties at church.
o  Possible summer guest speakers: Sudan Carolyn Figlioli, Manos De Dios/Honduras, Trulight Ministries, Christian Cupboard; Elaine Bennet from Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation
o  Mother’s Day – Rev. Patricia Riggins will be supply priest.
o  Habitat Day – Church Build Day is possible this summer
o  Obtained Episcopal Relief & Development Grant - $500 Christian Cupboard, $1,000 for plumbing issues for local families, $500 Jefferson Elementary needy families
o  Irish Stew / Virtual Happy Hour – All enjoyed; Thanks to Alan & KT Cockerell & Michael Sharp for Stew; Thanks to Kelly & Susan and Marty Keil for Happy Hour
o  Building and Grounds:
§ Crockett Street Closing: Talking to City again about permantntly closing Crockett Street for future events including outdoor concerts. This will make activities safer. Hope to put this on the City’s Master Plan. Stephen is hopeful this will be approved and believes it would make grant applications more attractive. Twenty-five parking spaces could be created with entrance at Nolte Street. The parking spaces could be used for visitors to other downtown events.
§ Sunday school wing for the future may use for outreach projects – Meals on Wheels could have their own room with fridge, etc.)

·        Treasurer’s report – Chuck:

o  Monthly comparison:
§ Revenue: January & February were very low in revenue. January is usually very good. $16,800 deficit in January. February was worse - $6200+ below budget. If we continue with the January / February average monthly deficit, it will result in a year-end deficit of $212K.
§ Discretionary – Stephen requested support for outreach projects with a good response. The year-to-date amount given is $1300, which when added to the portion of the account that comes from the unrestricted fund totals $3543 as of today.
§ Workmen’s Comp: Received an audit refund due to fewer employees - $645 refund. Now expense is below budget.
§ Insurance looks high but it’s a quarterly payment.
§ Sacred Ground: $3600 was expended in February for the installation of two new mini-split A/C units in the two rector offices. The remaining balance in that fund is $574. There is still $12K left in the garden fund.
o  March Preview:
§ For March so far, the revenue and expenses look much better. A primary reason is a one-time non-pledged donation from a parishioner. Now actual is over $12K above revenue for March. Just a little over $1000 behind pledge income so should meet budget for the month.
§ As of today, $23,800 revenue exceeding expenses.
§ $10,500 deficit for the year so far so much better than at the end of February.
o  Balance Sheet as of Today:
§ Still $18K negative cash flow in unrestricted accounts. Total checking balance is now $42K.
§ Canterbury money from diocese – Discussed asking Diocese what they want us to use this money for now that Canterbury is dissolved diocesan-wide.
§ Stove money from Linda Lynn. Discussed the fact that it was spent but not accounted for correctly, so that can be moved into unrestricted.
§ We have 12 more pledges this year. Generally the pledges are still below last year but they have picked up.
§ We discussed the need to bring clarity to direct payment situation. Some people who used to pay by ACH have not been paying pledges, possibly because they didn’t realize the church is no longer transferring funds for them. Pledge statements are going to go out so people may notice if their funds aren’t being transferred and Stephen will talk with Marsha about reviewing these transactions.
§ Restricted Chapel $30K investment in 2011 CD renews automatically in May unless we chose otherwise. This discussion was tabled until a later date.  

·        Junior Warden report- sent via email – Alan – No questions
o  Comments or questions: No questions

·        Senior Warden report – sent via email
o  Brotherhood met and is a good group.
·        Congregational Life Report: No further report.

·        Old Business
o  COVID-19 protocols – No further discussion after Chancellors Report

·        New Business
o  PPP Loan Process at First Commercial Bank
§ Applied for the grant at Wells Fargo but the service was poor.
§ Moved to First Commercial Bank where parishioners are involved. FCB suggested to move our accounts to them. 
§ For now, Don Richey proposes opening a non-profit checking account to receive $34,000 from PPP grant. We also need to designate a representative for the Parish and singors for the account.
·        Alan moved that we open a non-profit checking account and designate Don Richey as representative of church. Further he moved that Chuck and Alan be designated as signors, which will act as  agents who can make changes to the signors and other account changes. Joyce Richey & Dave Libbe, who sign on current accounts, would be the additional check signors. They cannot make changes to the account. Ellen seconded the motion. All in favor.
§ Don asked that we would also open additional accounts at First Commercial for everything we have at Wells Fargo and then transition the operating account to First Commerical. This would be an orderly transition to First Commercial (CDs when they mature, credit card, etc.)
·        Motion to give Don Richey permission to begin transition of accounts to First Commerical Bank. Mark K. moved, Susan seconded. All in favor.

o  Outreach Trulight: Ellen passed out a brochure about this group. They have had a shelter in Seguin for over a year. They have served over 1000 children in crisis. We would like to offer some space in the Sunday school wing to use as a rainbow room for supplies for children who are removed in an emergency. The old nursery is perfect because sometimes the need to re-dress the child / diaper them. The back door, facing River Street, would need to be re-keyed, maybe shelves built, to be used to house supplies. Per Alan may need to pursue building an awning over the door and replace rotted door / frame. Consider asking Brotherhood to work on this project. Alan moved to use old nusury – Don seconded. All in favor.
o  Habitat for Humanity Strategic Planning - Stephen is a board member. They want to use McKeogh Hall on Friday, April 16th 1:00-4:00 PM Saturday, April 17th 9:00-12:00 PM. As long as they follow our protocols, consensus was that this is fine.
o  The Art League’s Art Show went well. They made a $150 donation which paid for cleaing.
o  Garden Committee Guidelines: Don moved that we accept the guidelines. Ellen seconded.  All in favor.
·        Next meeting date and time – April 18th 2021 – Ellen will take minutes as Kelly will be out of town.
·        Adjournment: Mark Keddal moved / Mark Dibbel seconded. All in favor.

In Christ’s Service,

Kelly Follis
Bible Studies and Prayer Groups
We pray for all members of this parish family, our family members, and friends, especially: Helen Martinson, Tony Price, Curley Gilmore, Cooki Blevins, Henry, Gary, John Matocha, Russel Gustafson, Carolyn Lehman, Susan Neuman, Penny Sengler, Theresa Zapata, Jean Norris, and all who suffer from the effects of the novel coronavirus May their special needs and concerns receive God's mercy and grace. 

We pray for all those who are home bound, or residing in care and retirement communities, especially: Bob Blevins, Kenneth Minter, Ann Benham, Audrey Herron, Betty Rainey, Judy McClendon, and Patsy Creager. May God's comforting grace be present to them.
We pray for those who have died especially: Ardith Perry  

We pray for all those serving in the Armed Forces, especially: Spencer Baker, Ethan Baker, Simon Barrientes, Thomas Smith, Brandon Buckalew, Zachary Ryan Buckalew, Lee Alexander, John David Mills, Liam Rubarth-Lay, Steve Helmer, and Justin Carnahan. May they look to God for the strength and peace that only He can give.
If you or another member of the parish are sick or in the hospital and would like a contact from Pastoral Care, please notify the Parish Office. We don't want anyone to get missed! Contacting the office will ensure that Pastoral Care is notified.

If you would like to add a name, etc., to the prayer list, send an email to If you have a pastoral situation that needs attention, please contact the parish office. 

If a member of your family is in the armed forcesplease send their name to Charlene via email at or by phone (830-372-4330) so they can be included in the Prayers of the People each Sunday.
We all know that doctors and nurses are on the front lines of battling the corona virus. Although there isn't much we can do to help them physically while they help patients, we can pray for them. So we are asking all of you to Click here to sign up for a time slot to pray for them around the clock. This way we can make sure we have at least one person praying even for just a few minutes of every hour of every day. If you are not able to commit to a specific time, or if the slots are all full, please take a few moments to say one of these prayers each day for these wonderful men and women. Thank you!

Sanctify, O Lord, those whom you have called to the study and practice of the arts of healing, and to the prevention of disease and pain. Strengthen them by your life-giving Spirit, that by their ministries the health of the community may be promoted and your creation glorified; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Angels in blue gowns, They wear face masks instead of haloes. Their gloved holy hands administer to us Care we are too weak to provide for ourselves.
Without sleep, Without hope of a day off, In the face of ever-dwindling supplies, They risk their lives at every moment In order to save ours. Blessed are the hands, Rubbed raw from washing, That connect us to ventilators. Blessed are the feet, Sore and swollen, That tread the ER floors. Blessed are the eyes That have stared down death Hundreds, Thousands of times, And yet look upon each desperately ill patient And refuse to give up hope. God Most Merciful, Preserve the health and safety Of those who work so hard to preserve ours. Amen.– Cameron Wiggins Bellm
St. Andrew's dares to embrace its Episcopal Heritage by living out the Great Commission of Christ through the intimacy of community, discipleship, and service.

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church is a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, a congregation of The Episcopal Church, and a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

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