October 28, 2022
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For safe gathering, St. Andrew's encourages masks and offers distanced seating. Thank you for your ongoing care for one another.
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Sunday Service
  • All Saints Sunday
  • A Reflection - Receive Your Ancestors

Your St. Andrew's Community
  • Thank you! From Brunswick Street Mission
  • We Are Called - Pastoral Care
  • UCW Soup Challenge

From Your Social Justice Committee
  • A Climate of Hope FREE Event
  • Member of Parliament Speaks Up for Human Rights!
  • Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes At Risk
This Sunday
SUNDAY we celebrate All Saints. This is a day set aside by Christians the world over, to remember and honour those who have come before us, and are with us still:
Mentors + Guides
Beloved Souls
Susan will reflect on the brave and bold path of faith. 
Kevin and the choir and the band will lead us in song. 
And a sacred ritual will help us to name, honour, and receive the gifts of those who have come before.
Brunswick Street Mission - Thank You!
On behalf of Brunswick Street Mission, I would like to thank all of the members at St. Andrew’s who continue to support the Mission through financial donations.

“Shame can be dissipated by kindness” was one of the many gems that Anna Maria Tremonte stated in her speech at the Breakfast fundraiser on October 20th. Your financial contribution helps Brunswick Street Mission provide the supportive programs that make someone’s life a little less stressful. 
From Elaine Gunn 
UCW Soup Challenge!!!
What: St. Andrew’s UCW challenges you to make a donation to the “School Breakfast Program” at Joseph Howe Elementary School.

Where: From your very own home.

When: The entire month of November.

How:  Everytime you have a bowl of soup in November (or if soup’s not your thing, your favourite meal or treat) ....toss a loonie, toonie (or more) in a jar. 

Why:  Help give hungry kids at Joseph Howe Elementary a really great start to their day.  Last year we donated $1,285.75 to this very worthwhile program, let’s do it again!  

Our challenge to you - Eat and Donate for the month of November - make a difference right in your own community!
All Saints Day with Capella Regalis
Celebrate the Feast of All Saints with this special concert ‘For All the Saints’ on the 350th anniversary of Schütz’s death, performed by Capella Regalis Men & Boys Choir and the Choir of the Cathedral Church of All Saints, with guest instrumentalists, directed by Paul Halley!

Sunday, November 6 at 4 pm | Cathedral Church of All Saints, Halifax |
Tickets & Information: capellaregalis.com
From Your Social Justice Committee
A FREE workshop
Register today for tomorrow!
Click HERE for registration and information.
Did you see this?
A Member of Parliament Speaks Up
for Human Rights!

Yesterday in Parliament, NDP foreign affairs critic
@HMcPhersonMP called out the refusal of some MPs to talk about human rights in Yemen and Palestine. “Children in Palestine are being murdered, and neither of the parties will talk about that."
Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes At Risk (Again!)
This week the Ecology Action Centre hosted a lecture by environmental lawyer David Donnelly about last Friday’s Supreme Court of Canada decision regarding the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes wilderness area. 

Last week, the court decided that developer Annapolis Group Inc, which owns land in the wilderness area, can sue HRM because it wants to build there but can’t because Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes is protected by city zoning. The corporation wants to sue HRM for $119 million for untapped earning potential, and now it’s allowed to. If the city loses the case, it will put the wilderness area in jeopardy and set a precedent that profit trumps environmental initiatives.

Donnelly’s lecture went into depth about the decision, the legal framework of the case and what the precedent set by the Supreme Court means for planning and environmental conservation across Canada. He also made recommendations for what people can do to "protect municipal land use rights." 

See the full article about the Supreme Court decision in The Coast HERE.

Follow Ecology Action Centre online HERE to be in the know about emergent issues, events, and what YOU can do to in this climate emergency.
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