January 6, 2023
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  • Epiphany and Christ for our times

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This Sunday: Epiphany and Christ for our times.

Light can be glaring, and hard to take in. So much power.

Join us Sunday, for this season of light and revelation. Maybe prepare a bit in advance by reading these lines the Jackson Brown song Looking East.  The Mostly righteous will be bring it to worship, and it’s fueling Susan’s reflection. Does it fuel yours too? 

Looking East  Jackson Browne
Standing in the ocean with the sun burning low in the west
Like a fire in the cavernous darkness at the heart of the beast
With my beliefs and possessions, stopped at the frontier in my chest
At the edge of my country, my back to the sea, looking east

Where the search for the truth is conducted with a wink and a nod
And where power and position are equated with the grace of God
These times are famine for the soul while for the senses it's a feast
From the edge of my country, as far as you see, looking east

Hunger in the midnight, hunger at the stroke of noon
Hunger in the mansion, hunger in the rented room
Hunger on the TV, hunger on the printed page
And there's a God-sized hunger underneath the laughing and the rage
In the absence of light
And the deepening night
Where I wait for the sun
Looking east
Thank you Kelly
and Shirley
This is just a small note expressing BIG thanks to Kelly Kitamura and Shirley Lee, for helping to take down the Christmas decorations in such an organized and helpful way. 

Making way for the New Year and the Season of Epiphany! 
Soup Challenge for... Lentil Soup!
This November, many of you ate soup, and other favourite foods, to fundraise for the breakfast program at Joseph Howe Elementary School. With your support, our UCW donated a total of $1,918 Superstore gift cards to the school!!

This is what the Principal and Administrator had to say when they were delivered this week:

School enrolment has more than doubled over the last 10-15 years, and now includes many immigrant children from diverse cultures. The foods that make up a typical North American breakfast are unfamiliar and often unappealing to those children. 

This year there's a new volunteer with the breakfast program - an immigrant woman who has started making foods like lentil soup that the children enjoy eating. This donation will allow her to purchase groceries and cook more such foods.  

To make sure that all the children have access to the breakfast program, the volunteers now deliver a box of food to each classroom every morning. Any food that's not eaten before school starts is available at recess and lunch time. This is working really well to support student learning.
Eat soup. Feed kids. Sometimes it is that simple.
Thank you for your generosity!
The Bombadils Album Release
You don't want to miss this album release, right here on The Stage!

The Bombadils have new music and a new album. A night with Sarah Frank and Luke Fraser in our warm, cozy musical home will be filled with Sarah's compelling soprano vocals, her dynamic fiddle playing and Luke's warm, soulful singing and his prowess on the guitar and mandolin.

The Bombadils took their time with this album, wanting it to come from a place of reflection and unhurried, playful creativity. "A slow-food approach to album making". 

January 21
The Bombadils
An album release
Click here for tickets
Bedford United - Healing Pathways
There is another opportunity to participate in Phase 1 of the United Church’s Healing Pathway program. Bedford United Church is hosting the course on Jan 28 & 29 (Sat/Sun). The fees are $210, reduced to $110, thanks to a subsidy from Region 15. The 15 available spots are filling up. 

For information and registration, go to bedfordunited.com/healingpathway

You can also contact Rev Andrea Harrison (andreaharrison.ucc@gmail.com) or Rev Katie Aven (katie.aven@bedfordunited.com).
All are welcome at St. Andrew's
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