November 18, 2022
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  • Volunteer Opportunity- Halifax Community Chaplaincy Society  
This Sunday
To Welcome the Al Keek Family
It has been an extraordinary journey of concern, effort, persistence, and love. It began with Abduraham and Rawan fleeing war torn Syria with their two small children, Omar and Rahig. They suffered unimaginable loss and hardship. St. Andrew’s initiated sponsorship, and the family struggled to survive in Turkey. While our St. Andrew’s Refugee Sponsorship Committee worked, organized and advocated, we sent messages of hope, financial support, and endless prayers. In June, the family arrived and reunited with Abduraham’s sister (and our beloved friends, the Almasalmeh family).
The Al Keek and Almasalmeh families will join us for worship (a short service) and reception. Light refreshments will be offered, thanks to the UCW and others. The journey of love continues.  
Transgender Day of Remembrance
Join our friends at Queer Spirit Church on the afternoon of Sunday, November 20 for a special service observing Transgender Day of Remembrance — a day to remember trans people (particularly transfeminine people of the global majority) who have been lost to hate crimes and other forms of violence. Part contemplation, part education, this service aims to open the eyes and touch the hearts of all.

"Perhaps this is also Christ." 
The STAGE Mondays Presents
We say goodbye to the artist known as Arsoniste and welcome the dawn of RSUN. This will be a night to hear the collective creativity of 7-years of music, and the new music to come! This isn't a bar show. We're shining and tuning up our Grand piano for Arsoniste to play one last time before she moves to London UK and becomes the star we know she's destined to be.
Joining Arsoniste will be SAFEWORD, basement therapy for four friends from Dartmouth and Halifax. They bring honest, often danceable indie-pop to your ears.

Join us November 28 at 7:30pm, right here on The Stage.
Tickets are only $15, available online.
It Really IS All Church...
"I've had the most wonderful experience the last few days. It really IS all church. 

On Thursday night, a Scouts Beavers group was in the gym learning about osprey and other animals (which were actually brought in to show them!), All Nations Full Gospel Church was singing away in the Lower Hall, and we had to tip-toe through the Sanctuary because Halifax Gay Men's Chorus was rehearsing.

Friday was our concert on The Stage and there was a wedding going on in the Lower Hall with All Nations that afternoon!!

On Saturday, there were amazing smells and sounds of people speaking and laughing in French all around the Upper Hall. Immigration Francophone Nouvelle-Ecosse was here preparing a big meal for a great many people!

I know this happens all the time. But it always makes me shake my head and smile thinking of the shock when I tell people "Yes, this is still an active church".

St. Andrew's is a magical place, my friends."

- A member of St. Andrew's congregation
Volunteer Opportunity-
Board Member, Halifax Community Chaplaincy Society  
The Halifax Community Chaplaincy Society works with individuals who are transitioning from incarceration to community. By working with former offenders, we seek to ease their transition into community and to reduce recidivism. Our twin principles are: “No more victims” and “No one is disposable”. Our two main programs (both supported through federal funding) are:  
  • Faith Community Re-Integration Program (FCRP) acts as a bridge for former offenders who wish to establish, or re-establish, relationships with faith communities.   
  • Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA). Grounded in restorative justice principles, CoSA reduces sexual victimization by assisting people who have been incarcerated for sexual offences and are being released into the community.  
We are looking for committed individuals to join our volunteer Board. We welcome individuals from any faith background who view issues of criminality and incarceration through the multiple lenses of compassion, support, re-integration and accountability. We welcome inquiries from anyone interested and are particularly seeking individuals who might consider taking on (with support from the existing Board) the role of Vice-Chair or Secretary to the Board. 
If interested, please contact  
All are welcome at St. Andrew's
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