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Regathering Postponed ☹

Dear friends,
I am so sorry to report that as of Sunday, April 4, the combined positivity rate for Covid infections in the Hampton and Peninsula Health districts is 10.17%. That means that we will not be able to regather in the coming week as we had hoped, either for small group activities this week or for in-person worship on April 11. I am so disappointed that these numbers keep rising, and I know that you are, also.

Not being able to be with one another in person for worship or fellowship or small group study is a tremendous loss to us all. I am grateful for the many ways so many parishioners are reaching out to each other to stay connected. I certainly welcome any additional suggestions from you about how to maintain/increase our connectedness in these trying times while still abiding by the health guidelines, which are based on CDC recommendations.

According to our diocesan and vestry guidance, we will be able to regather when that combined positivity rate has been under 10% for 14 consecutive days. I will continue to keep you posted each week about where the numbers stand.

Please know that my prayers and love are with you. More importantly, please remember that God is with you, and with us.

Receiving Communion this Sunday
Invitation to take an Easter Lily home
Outdoor healing station

  • Come to the River Road door between noon and 1 to receive the Eucharist in person.  
  • To take communion at home while participating in the service virtually, call Bill Wilds (880-5460) during the week from 9 - noon to arrange to pick up a consecrated communion kit. Please designate a “holy place” in your home to store it until consumed.
  • If you would like to pick up an Easter Lily when you are at the church you may do so.
  • We will also have an outdoor healing station this week.
Final health update from Anne

I am happy to share the good news that it appears my episodes of lightheadedness were caused by dehydration. I feel fine, and I have no further special appointments or tests scheduled. My driving prohibition will be lifted on June 1. Thank you all, so very much, for your prayers and kindness and concern.
Thanks to our PORT volunteers

Congratulations to our volunteers for two successful PORT evenings in December and March! We fielded two teams for the shelter’s final evening of the season, assisting Temple Baptist Church and New Beech Grove Baptist Church in providing dinners, desserts, sleeping accommodations and bagged breakfasts for homeless members of our community. Working with our partner churches in PORT, St Andrew’s cook teams and onsite volunteers helped provide meals and shelter to over 400 men, women and children this past winter. We look forward to next year’s opportunity to serve.

Thank you,
Matt Deller, Outreach Liaison

(St. Andrew's folks pictured above: Steve Howell, Patty VonOhlen, Samantha Howell, Cris Oman, Camelia Deller, Dawn Edquist)
The Bishop is coming!! Confirmation on May 2

Our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Susan B. Haynes, will be coming to St. Andrew’s on Sunday, May 2 to celebrate Eucharist and preach, and to confirm five parishioners: Jason and Nicole Carney, Anna and Olga Deller, and Fiona Stewart. Because of the current Covid numbers, we do not yet know whether we will be able to worship in person that day, but we will keep you posted as we work on the details for that day. Meanwhile, please hold Jason, Nicole, Anna, Olga, and Fiona in your prayers as they prepare for this very important step in their faith journey.
Adult forum series Good News to Go begins April 25 at 9 AM

From April 25 through June 6, Anne will be leading an Adult Forum series called Good News to Go, which explores our call as Christians to seek, name, and celebrate Jesus’ loving presence in the stories of all people—and then invite everyone to more. This series will equip us to carry out the Easter mission we proclaim in word and song: Spread the good news o’er all the earth. Jesus has died and has risen. We will be using a curriculum developed by The Episcopal Church and strongly commended to us by the keynote speaker at our recent diocesan annual council. The forum will be offered both online and, Covid numbers permitting, in person. Mark your calendars now, and stay tuned for more information.
Round 12 prayer requests

  • 94-year-old Helen who has a number of medical problems including a recent diagnosis of lymphoma; on chemo
  • Parishioner’s son, Joe, who is in poor health
  • Those trying to get vaccinated
  • Everyone’s safety and ability to get vaccinated
  • Elizabeth Ann
  • Parishioner having an "oblation" procedure on April 13
  • Savannah, a dog with pancreatitis
  • Repose of the soul of Jim Bowers 
  • A parishioner’s daughter, who is expecting a baby girl
  • Butch, recovering from hernia surgery; and Ashley
  • Parishioner’s neighbor’s son, who has health issues
  • Parishioner’s friend Jennifer, whose 16-year-old son Gere died recently
  • Anna
  • Connor, Shelby, and Rose
  • Sandra and Ray
  • The world
  • Repose of the soul of Jan Matters
  • Parishioners’ daughter Heather, looking for a job
  • Parishioner’s granddaughter Joy, in the midst of a move
  • Gary, recovering from surgery
  • David, recovering from surgery
  • Parishioner’s mother Nikki, recently diagnosed with COVID
  • Parishioner’s son-in-law Mike, in bad health and having pacemaker trouble
  • Our church
  • Safe travels for parishioners on the road
  • Repose of the soul of Mary Willis Lynn
  • Comfort for Debbie as she mourns
  • All children, from preschool through college
Our love and sympathy are extended
to the family and friends of
Joe Overton
son of Lida Overton
who died this week

Let light perpetual shine on him, O Lord.
Church office schedule for the remainder of Easter week

The office will be open from 9:00 AM to noon through Friday, April 9.
Graduation 2021

On Sunday, May 9, we would like to recognize our graduating high school and college seniors, and those who may be receiving advanced degrees. Please send the following information by April 21 to

for high school seniors: 
student’s complete name
name of high school
any special recognition such as valedictorian, etc.
college or university to be attended (or military, work, etc.)

for college seniors:
student’s complete name
name of college or university
the degree to be awarded
any honors or recognitions

for advanced degrees:
student’s complete name
name of the college or university
degree to be awarded and field of study
Organ Swell Series concert – April 25

As part of the Organ Swell series in the online Virginia Arts Festival, there will be a concert of the music of Cesar Franck at St. Andrew’s on April 25 at 4:00 PM. Participants will be organists Brad Norris and Mason Hill, tenor Dan Waddill, and violist Jocelyn Smith.

The music of Cesar Franck is among the most beautiful in organ literature.

There is limited seating in keeping with diocesan guidelines. If you would like to attend, please email Bill Wilds at
Peninsula Memorial Park cemetery lots

Through the years, St. Andrew’s has been given 18 cemetery lots in Peninsula Memorial Park’s Monument Park, Garden of the Sermon on the Mount, and Garden of Wisdom. These lots are valued between $5,995.00 and $6,995.00 each. We are willing to sell these lots for 30% of their retail value. There is a $295.00 transfer fee per purchase to transfer the lot(s) from the church’s name to yours.

If you are interested in more information about the lots, please contact Bill Wilds ( or 595-0371). After June 1, we are going to place the lots on Craig’s List.
Camp Chanco will be open for 2021 season!
As our Easter season is a time of joy and rebirth, I am pleased to announce that Camp Chanco will be open for the 2021 season! After a time where so many of us have felt isolated and tied to technology, our young people will be able to gather together at Chanco away from screens, experiencing outdoor adventures, and challenging themselves in new ways. With our schools and churches mostly virtual over the last year, opportunities for our young people to be active and connect with one another in person have perhaps never been more needed than now. Our Missioner for Camp and Retreat Ministry, Gareth Kalfas, and his team have been working diligently to research all COVID safety camp guidelines to prepare for a safe and exciting camp experience. Chanco will operate at a reduced capacity this summer and registrations are already ahead of schedule. Therefore, I recommend that all interested families register your camper today at I am very much looking forward to celebrating Eucharist with our campers during their session and to experiencing Camp Chanco alive with outdoor activity, laughter, singing, and worship. May Chanco’s programs be blessed with opportunities to find God in the outdoors, in each other, and in living and learning in Christian community. Please join me in holding the Camp Chanco staff and campers in our prayers for a healthy, fun and faith-filled season ahead.

-- Bishop Susan
Norfolk FEMA clinic now allowing same-day vaccinations, walk-ups for all Hampton Roads residents 16 and older

From station WTKR news: Norfolk Health Department says it will now offer some same-day vaccinations for anyone in Phase 2 in Hampton Roads who wants a shot.

Starting Tuesday, the FEMA-lead vaccination site at Military Circle Mall will begin walk-up registrations for anyone 16 and older in Hampton Roads to get a vaccine appointment.

Norfolk Health Department says they will work to schedule people the same day or next day if doses are available.

“After 2 o’clock there will be a walk-up registration, so if you come to the entrance of the clinic, we’ll get you registered that way,” said Chief Operations Officer Paul Brumund. “And if there’s a vaccine available when you register, perhaps you can get a vaccine, otherwise we’ll make an appointment for the next available slot.”

The FEMA-lead site is working to vaccinate 3,000 people a day, 7 days a week. Read more.
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