A Seven-Day Experiment with Wholeness
In these seemingly never-ending days of uncertainty, here is something to consider that might bring you some comfort and “give you something to do.”
Day 1: NATURE - Plan a walk, run, bike ride, drive, ferry ride, or some other outing in the natural world. Pay attention to the details of creation on your outing and all day long as you do ordinary tasks.
Day 2: HOSPITALITY - Extend some form of hospitality to someone: inviting them over for a meal or meeting out for coffee or a meal [or taking them something to eat]. As you offer hospitality, pay attention to the ways you are blessed by being with that person. All day long, try to be hospitable to everyone you interact with. Treat them as valuable children of God.
Day 3: FASTING - Pick something to fast from: a food, coffee drink, or form of technology. When you find yourself reaching or longing for that thing, turn your longings into prayer for people who live with want.
Day 4: THANKFULNESS - Carry a piece of paper and a pen or pencil with you all day and make notes about things you’re thankful for. See how many you can list. Make a point of expressing thanks to the people you meet all day if appropriate.
Day 5: MUSIC - Listen to music in a setting where you normally wouldn’t: in the car, while doing chores, after a meal. If you can arrange it, go to a live music performance. As you go about the tasks of your day, make an effort to sing or hum whenever you can.
Day 6: MOVE - Do something physical that is not habitual to you. Perhaps dance as you cook, do some stretches each time you get up from a chair, join a class, or ask a coworker to go for a walk. All day long, try to be conscious of the gift of your physical body.
Day 7: SILENCE - Take some time during the day to be silent. Push yourself to experience a longer silence than you have ever experienced before. Focus on your breath. As much as you can, relax into a sense of rest and peace from God.
At the end of each day, as you evaluate your experience, pay attention to the aspects of the day’s practice that give you a sense of wholeness. You may want to repeat the whole experimentation or just focus on what felt whole and good to you. Amen.

(by Lynne M. Baab, Ph.D.; shared by Bill Wilds)
This Sunday: Winter warmth!

Enjoy some outdoor fellowship around the fire pit this Sunday, January 16, beginning at 4:30 PM in front of the church on River Road. Goodies and warm beverages will be available. Bring a chair. Weather permitting.
Hilton Area Churches Blood Drive on January 17

The Hilton Area Churches Blood Drive will be at St. Andrew’s on Monday, January 17 from 1:00 to 6:00 PM. The blood supply in Hampton Roads is dangerously low. Please make an appointment and give blood. Click here to make your appointment. Enter "23601" in the zip code box. 
Receiving communion on Sundays

While we are limited to worshiping virtually on Sunday mornings, there are two ways you can receive communion each week:
  • come to the River Road entrance to the church between 11:30 AM and noon (following our virtual service).
  • call or text Bill Wilds (880-5460) to arrange to pick up communion kits any weekday morning between 9:00 AM and noon.
Pick up your 2022 Offering Envelopes

If you requested 2022 offering envelopes, you may pick them up from the St. Nicholas Chapel at any time (the chapel is always open).
Shhh… a surprise for Matthew!

As you already know, our Building Manager & Sexton Matthew Williamson is moving to Richmond and will be leaving St. Andrew’s at the end of January. Matthew will be at the 10:30 service on Sunday, January 30 so that we can say goodbye and ask God’s blessing on the next phase of Matthew’s life. We are collecting a purse as a gift of gratitude to Matthew. If you would like to contribute to that gift, please send a check (made out to St. Andrew’s, with “Matthew” in the memo line) to the parish office by Sunday, January 23.
THRIVE food pantry update

As of last week, we have collected 1,650.6 pounds of food for THRIVE. The door to the St. Nicholas chapel is always open, so you can still drop off food items at any time.
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